Research visibility

Publishing tips

It’s time to decide where to publish. The criteria will depend on the community practice of the individual researcher, however there are certain common guidelines.

Here are 10 simple tips to improve research visibility and impact factor from the BDA (Digital Library). The list has been translated by Silvia Zabeo (International Research Office):

Moodle class - Services and instruments for research at Ca’ Foscari

The course is aimed especially at young researchers or PhD students, who are starting out in the world of research. Classes focus on the process of disseminating the researcher's outputs and provide useful tips for career progression.

The course "Servizi e strumenti per la ricerca a Ca’ Foscari" is inspired by the training meetings that the PhD Office organises periodically, in collaboration with the BDA - Digital Library, as a time of comparison and study on these topics. In 2021 the course took place on the Zoom platform. You can find on the Moodle class the recordings of the 4 meetings and the slides of the speechs. Most of the course materials are in Italian.


 [English guidelines are in progress]

Last update: 01/02/2023