Economics and Management Library (BEC)

The Economics and Management Library/BEC) is a specialist library in the areas of Economics and Business Management, Economics, Law, Statistics, Applied Mathematics and Tourist Service Management.
Its assets include around 250,000 volumes, 300 contemporary journals and 3000 older periodicals, in addition to the electronic economics resources, and are enhanced by special archives including the Gino Luzzatto Archive.


San Giobbe, Cannaregio 810, 30121 Venice (Italy) - map

San Giobbe, Cannaregio 810, 30121 Venezia
Plesso E, ex-mulino 1° piano

Opening hours

from Monday to Friday: 9 am - 10 pm
Saturday: 9 am - 9 pm

Library services

BEC provides its services only by reservation, in order to guarantee the safety of people.
Entry is allowed only with the university badge.
Masks are strongly recommended.

Easy Planning or app MyUniVE

The University members (research users and students) must book through EasyPlanning or MyUniVE app using the university login credentials.
Also non-university members (with a annual card) can access the library and the services making a reservation through EasyPlanning or MyUniVE app. See the Access general rules page.

Access to reading rooms and services

To access the reading rooms and the services during the opening hours, according to the following instructions:

  1. all university members (research users and students)  and authorized non-university members must book through EasyPlanning or MyUniVE app selecting the entry BEC - Accesso alle sale e ai servizi and the floor on which you want to reserve a seat (it is not allowed to move chairs in the rooms or sit on a different floor).
  2. research users (teachers, researchers, research fellows) have 6 reservations bookable through EasyPlanning or MyUniVE app selecting the entry BEC - Posto individuale per docenti/ricercatori and the Carrell on which you want to reserve a seat
  3. PhD students, master's degree students have 6 reservations bookable (for up to 3 weeks per month), by booking through EasyPlanning or MyUniVE app and selecting the entry BEC - Posto individuale per laureandi/dottorandi and the Carrell on which you want to reserve a seat.

A maximum of 215 people can enter the rooms simultaneously.

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION: reservations not processed will be automatically canceled after 30 minutes from the scheduled start.

It is possible to request the material placed in the warehouse by filling out this form and delivering it to the reception and information service on the ground floor or sending it to
The material is collected from Monday to Friday every 2 hours from 9.30 am to 7.30 pm, on Saturday from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm.

Loan service

If you make a reservation for the access to the reading rooms and services, you can also request a loan or make a self-loan.

Photocopying service

During your stay in the library, you can use copy machines.

Return books

Books can be returned in the spaces provided at the library entrance during the opening hours.
Online booking is not required.

Interlibrary loan and document supply

The interlibrary loan and document supply services are available and can be requested by online form.
University members will be notified of the arrival of documents and how to collect them.

Bloomberg Finance Lab

The Bloomberg Lab is open to a maximum of 5 people, from Monday to Fryday from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm, by reservation only through EasyPlanning or MyUniVE app selecting the entry BEC - Bloomberg Finance Lab.
The use of the laboratory is illustrated in the following document: Bloomberg Finance Lab [pdf].

Reference and research support services

  • bibliographic reference service, online and/or in-person, and assistance with electronic resources by writing to For more information for final year undergraduates and PhD students write to
  • reference and bibliographic searches by filling in the online form [ITA]
  • research support, online or in-person, specialized assistance for teachers and scholars by writing to
  • scheduled workshops and courses will be delivered remotely. For more information, see the page: Courses and tutorials


Office Online services (for Ca' Foscari members) E-mail Telephone
General information, loan renewals and reservations OPAC - Access - Loans +39 041 234 8763
Consultation of books and periodicals in repository Request form [ITA] +39 041 234 8763
Bibliographic searches and assistance in the use of databases Request form [ITA] +39 041 234 8775
Interlibrary loans Request form [ITA] +39 041 234 7657
Document delivery Request form [ITA] +39 041 234 8775
Purchase proposals Request form [ITA] +39 041 234 8713 / 8715 / 7457
Periodical service +39 041 234 8774 / 9340
BEC Research Support Service
Director Sara Franzoso 041 234 8774 / 366 9616192


Last update: 18/01/2023