Special collections 
Economics and Management Library (BEC)

BEC boasts special collections of particular value, received as donations from Venetian institutions and private citizens:

  • Gino Luzzatto Fund (1878-1964). The fund consists of letters, handwritten notes and the personal library of Professor Gino Luzzatto, Director of the Royal Institute of Economic and Business Sciences in Venice in 1925 and Rector from 1945 to 1953. It is located on the first floor of the library in the Ancient and Special Funds room and can be consulted upon request. The inventory of the archive can be consulted online. In 2016, the Archivio Gino Luzzatto (Gino Luzzatto Archive) collection containing a digitised version of a part of the archive was published on the digital platform Phaidra: the papers with lecture notes and dissertations that testify not only to the teaching and research activity but also to the credibility and civic importance of the economics historian
  • Merceology Fund (1820-1900)
  • De Pietri-Tonelli Fund (1924-1952). The fund consists of the books, archive and personal library of Professor Alfonso De Pietri-Tonelli, economist and Rector in the years 1942-1945. It is located on the first floor of the library in the Ancient and Special Funds room. The library is open-shelf, while De Pietri-Tonelli's archive and writings can be consulted on request. As of 2018, the Opere di Alfonso de Pietri-Tonelli (Works of Alfonso De Pietri-Tonelli) collection containing a digital version of the scholar's entire book production was published within the digital platform Phaidra. Gradually, the collection will be enriched with documents and testimonies accompanying his writings: reviews on his production or articles and reviews by the scholar himself
  • Donation Avv. Giuseppe Andreotti-Loria (1880-1981)
  • Donation Ateneo Veneto, published between 1824 and 1934
  • Donation Generale Luciano Palandri (1952-1967)
  • Donation Prof. Giulio Partesotti (1934-2004)
  • Donation Silvio Trentin.

Documents relating to the Alfonso De Pietri-Tonelli Fund

Last update: 21/05/2024