Bibliographic identification codes

Bibliographic codes, such as DOI, ISBN or ISSN are intended to uniquely and permanently identify a research product.
They are required in the evaluation of the results of scientific research (VQR) and in addition they comply with the FAIR principles, making research data traceable, accessible, interoperable and reusable.
It is recommended to insert these codes in the insertion of the research products in ARCA.
Ca' Foscari provides a DOI code attribution service (non-commercial and reserved to University research outputs).
ISBNs and ISSNs are usually provided by publishers.


The DOI - Digital Object Identifier - is an identification code, assigned to a digital object (article, journal, ebook, doctoral thesis, database, dataset), providing lasting and unique identification.

Each DOI is linked to a series of metadata, i.e. bibliographic information such as author, title, publisher, publication date, etc., for the digital object to which it refers.

The assignment of a DOI is provided by the Federation of Agencies coordinated by the International DOI Foundation, a non-profit organisation and registration authority that certifies the ISO standard (ISO 26324).
The agencies provide technical support and ensure the preservation, quality and integrity of metadata and the DOI system.


The ISBN - International Standard Book Number - is a 13-digit code that uniquely identifies the single edition of a printed or electronic book.

Responsible for assigning the ISBN codes for Italy is Italian ISBN Agency. Usually the ISBN code is automatically assigned by the publisher. However also authorpublishers can request ISBNs (membership fees) to the Agency.

The University does not offer an ISBN attribution service.


The ISSN - International Standard Serial Number - is an 8-digit numeric code, which identifies the printed or electronic edition of a periodical.

The ISSN is assigned by the national ISSN centres coordinated by the ISSN International Centre. For Italy, ISSNs are assigned by the Centro italiano ISSN (CNR).

The University does not offer an ISSN attribution service.

Last update: 01/02/2023