Pietro Lanzini
Economics and Business Management

Let’s talk about you: what is your background, what do you teach, and what are your research interests?
My name is Pietro Lanzini, I was born 42 years ago in Brescia and I am Associate Professor of Consumer Behaviour at the Department of Management. After graduating and taking my first professional steps in Milan at Bocconi University, I came to Venice in 2009 to take my PhD at Ca' Foscari. My research interests revolve around sustainability, approached from different perspectives: from Corporate Social Responsibility to responsible consumer, from green buying behaviour to sustainable urban mobility. These research interests are reflected in the courses I currently teach, such as Consumer Behaviour, Advanced Marketing and Smart Communities: the Role of Responsible Citizens.

Why should someone choose Ca’ Foscari?
Summarising the reasons why a young person about to embark on university studies should choose Ca' Foscari is certainly not an easy task. At the University level, however, I would like to mention the great tradition and variety of the programmes, as well as the marked orientation towards internationalisation and openness to the world, which are reflected in the numerous agreements with prestigious European and non-European universities for Erasmus+ and Overseas cultural exchanges. At the Department level, the scope and depth of how Management is taught, with a focus on the two themes that will shape tomorrow's society: sustainability and digital transition. All of this in the extraordinary setting of a unique city like Venice.

Tell us about your academic path.
After graduating in Business Administration from Bocconi University, I began a journey that brought me closer to sustainable development, both in Italian university research centres and with work and research experience abroad: I remember very fondly the time I spent at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, between 2006 and 2007. After realising that academia and research would be my professional future, I moved to Venice to take my PhD in Management. After a year of study and research in Denmark, and after obtaining my PhD, I began the classic academic process that led me to work first as a research fellow, then as a researcher and, after obtaining the Italian National Scientific Habilitation, in my current position as Associate Professor.

What are you most passionate about in your research?
One issue I am particularly passionate about is sustainable mobility, which is the subject of research at CAMI, the Centre for Automotive and Mobility Innovation at Ca' Foscari University. Congestion, accessibility and poor air quality in our urban centres are problems that we can experience directly: one side of research that I find extremely motivating is the prospect of making an even small contribution to the creation of new knowledge that can be used to formulate new and effective strategies.

What's an area you have always wanted to be involved in but have not yet had the opportunity to explore?
I would like to point out two very different areas that I would like to explore in my research one day. On one hand, I am fascinated by Behavioural Economics, and I find it extremely interesting to be able to conduct empirical experiments to analyse how psychological, cognitive and emotional factors can impact on our decisions. On the other, as a big sports fan, I am interested in football marketing, both for individual players and clubs.

Last update: 21/05/2024