Kayaking and SUP

Kayaking and SUP (Stand Up Paddling) courses are open to Ca’ Foscari students and personnel, both at a beginner and more experienced level.
Courses are held in spring (March and April) in Sacca San Biagio, Sacca Fisola, and in Canoa Club Mestre, Punta San Giuliano

These courses include excursions around the lagoon and nearby islands

Signing up and getting information

Every year there is a day in which rowing courses are presented and participants can learn all there is to know about the courses.
Should you have any questions, please contact the Cultural Promotion Office (Università Ca’ Foscari, Dorsoduro 3246, 30123 Venezia)  sportnautici@unive.it.


The origins of kayaking can be traced to ancient Arctic and subarctic populations, who used kayaks as means of transportation and for hunting purposes. Kayaks are practical, silent and fast, which is why they have become popular all over the world. The etymology of the word “kayak” is interesting: it means “small boat of skins” in Eskimo.


SUP (Stand Up Paddle) is a variation of paddle surfing. In 1778, James Cook, the first European explorer who reached the Pacific islands, observed that some natives paddled while standing on very thick boards, which enabled them to ride the waves. In addition to being a fun and challenging sport from an athletic perspective, SUP is suitable for all weather conditions. The objective is to remain standing on the board while paddling, and here in Venice we can do it in the waters of our lagoon. 

Last update: 15/05/2024