Career Guidance

Ca’ Foscari offers you a range of useful practical on- and offline tools that will guide you on the employment market, help you find out more about various professions as well as enhancing your skills and preparing you for job interviews in Italy and abroad.

Jobiri: digital career tools

Jobiri is an integrated ecosystem of career tools, tailored for both students and newly graduates, which offers a wide range of career services, aiming to strengthen their professional development and to contribute to the improvement of the labour market.
Thanks to artificial intelligence systems Jobiri provides job offers, automatically builds and analyzes curriculum and motivational letters and trains candidates for the interviews 24hours a day. 

What you will find

Jobiri offers a wide range of activities and tools related to career counselling, skills development, CV preparation, career pathways, etc. to tackle the labour market productively. In this way, you will succeed in:

  • planning your professional career effectively
  • drawing up your CV in Italian and English
  • preparing for mock interviews
  • searching for internship and job offers and monitor your applications

Jobiri is open to Ca' Foscari BA and MA students as well as newly graduates.

How to access

You will have to log-in using your university ID (and password).
For further assistance, please contact:

Career guidance workshops

Throughout the course of the year, to help prepare you for your placement or entry into the world of work, the Ca’ Foscari Career Service organizes career guidance workshops with leading professionals who will help you outline a professional project meeting your ambitions, manage your online presence and draw up a curriculum vitae and cover letter. These last two documents can be considered a sort of visiting card summarizing your education and work experience, your cross-disciplinary skills and personal interests, which is why it is of vital importance to draw them up properly, emphasizing your strong points and inspiring recruiters to choose you, even if it is just for a placement experience.

The Career Service also provides useful information on how to tackle job interviews in Italy and abroad, providing you with the opportunity to participate in workshop simulations.

Discover more about Jobiri, the digital career tool which offers you useful activities about:

  • how to draw up your CV
  • how to prepare for mock interviews
  • search for internship and job offers

If you want to learn more about Jobiri, attend the webinar:

  • 21st October, from 10:00am to 11:30am.

The webinar will be held in English by Claudio Sponchioni - CEO of Jobiri.
It is dedicated to BA and MA students as well as newly graduates.

The event is on Zoom. To participate, register.

Career Desk

The Career Desk is a support service offered by Ca’ Foscari Career Service to help you plan your active job search in a targeted manner. During the sessions you will be given advice on how to draw up an effective curriculum vitae and cover letter.

The Career Service offers you:

  • Check for your Italian CV: it is addressed to international students who needs to review their CV in Italian. The Career Service provides support in English language.
  • Check for your CV in English: it is addressed to international students who needs to review their CV in English.

It is compulsory to book an appointment: please, click here and our staff will be pleased to contact you accordingly.

Contacts and reservations
Write your CV

Useful websites to write an effective CV:

  • Europass: fill the Europass template and download it in pdf.
  • Loggin in Jobiri: choose the template and fill the boxes. The CV is available both in Italian and in English.
  • Canva: a free graphic design tool to write a personalised CV.

Mentoring Project “Coltiviamoci”

Mentoring is a guided learning process in which an expert person, Mentor, voluntarily makes himself available to share knowledge and experience in a specific professional sector at the service of a less expert figure, Mentee. Through these meetings, the mentee will be able to get invaluable insights that will help him with a view to job orientation and to outline a professional project.
The project is addressed to students enrolled in Master’s Degree courses.

In order to apply and start the mentoring:

  1. in the Personal Area, students can check the e-book  with the biographies of the mentors and fill the Application Form available. Upload CV and motivation letters, one for each mentor;
  2. students will receive an email from the Career Service to participate to the training session;
  3. if the Mentor is willing to accept your application, the Career Service staff will support you in the following steps. 

The mentor and the mentee will arrange the 6 meetings. 
For further info, check the Personal Area.

The Career Service staff is always available at


If you have entrepreneurial skills and your dream is to work for yourself after graduating, the Ca’ Foscari Career Service offers you the chance to participate in one of the workshops held during the year and providing information on how to draw up a business plan, access funding, learn about communications and much more. The service also organizes one-off learning events on various themes linked to self-employment and supports the University in the creation of innovative workshops dedicated to self-employment or corporate case studies.

The Career Service also promotes a new cycle of seminars intended to diffuse and raise awareness of women in business, including presentations by women in corporate leadership or running businesses.

Last update: 05/12/2022