PhD Degrees

Admission to subsequent years

The doctoral student must undergo a verification of their research findings at least every semester. Doctoral students will be admitted into the following year provided that the semester verification by the Teaching Board is positive.

When enrolling for the following year, doctoral students must pay the enrollment fees by the deadline even if the Teaching Board hasn't yet approved the admission.

In the case of non-admission to the following year, fees already paid will be reimbursed.


PhD students may request permission to interrupt their PhD studies for 1 to 2 semesters on a maximum of 2 occasions for the following reasons:

  • maternity, paternity, adoption or fostering (the request may be submitted until the child's first birthday);
  • serious illness (with medical documentation);
  • attendance of pre-service teacher training course (TFA) and of the Percorsi Abilitanti Speciali (PAS).

The "Interrupting your studies" form must be sent by email to the Postgraduate Administration Unit ( and must be accompanied by a copy of an identity document and the receipt of payment of the revenue stamp made using the appropriate procedure .
It is advisable to send everything in a single document: to join the files it is possible to use online services such as

Interruption cannot be requested retroactively.
During the period of interruption, scholarship is interrupted.
During the period of interruption, students may not carry out any career activities (sitting exams, periods of research abroad, etc.).

To return to studies after the period of interruprion, the PhD student must send the "Return to studies" form by email to the Postgraduate Administration Unit ( which must be accompanied by a copy of an identity document.
It is advisable to send everything in one document.

For the cases of suspension referred to in point 3 (attendance of pre-service teacher training course (TFA)), the resumption will be possible only after the payment of the contribution of 100.00 Euros, in addition to the enrollment fees due for the current year. The amounts will be invoiced and visible in the student's personal area within one week of receiving the request to resume studies.

If the interruption has been requested for a period between 1 and 6 months, the administrative deadlines, as well as the final exam, will be deferred by one semester.
If the interruption has been requested for a period between 7 and 12 months, the deferment will be equal to two semesters.

The Teaching Board will indicate the didactic/training path to be followed for the continuation and completion of the course, in order to guarantee the recovery of the activities not carried out.


A withdrawal is the official statement of your intention to give up university studies.
The statement of withdrawal from studies is irrevocable and you can do it in any period of the year. This does not exclude the possibility of a new registration even on the same course, in case of winning a new call for applications. The statement of withdrawal from the doctorate, to be prepared with a stamp of 16 Euros, shall be submitted in person, by appointment, or sent by post to the Postgraduate Administration Unit.

The PhD student must have paid all fees due for the last academic year of enrolment. You do not have to pay the second installment if you present withdrawal by February 28th of the reference year. In particular:

  • the PhD student winner of a scholarship who withdraws from studies during the academic year will not be required to return the instalments of the scholarship already received, with the exception of those eventually received after the date of withdrawal;
  • if you are eligible or winner of a regional scholarship and you wish to withdraw from studies, you will no longer benefit from the advantages associated with it and you will be required to pay any outstanding fees. For this reason, you should contact the Financial Aid Office for calculating the fees payable and the refunding of sums paid for the regional scholarship (if won).


The certificates released by public administrations regarding status, personal qualities and facts are valid only in relations between private individuals; in relations with public authorities the certificates are replaced by affidavits (self-certification) made by the person (art . 15 Law 183 of 12/11/2011).

They may request:

  • certificates of registration;
  • certificates of achievement.

These certificates can be obtained:

  • In person, by appointment through the Postgraduate Administration Unit where there will be a stamp duty of EUR 16 per certificate requested;
  • by post, indicating in this case the type of certificate and the address of who to send the documents to. A copy of a valid document of identification must be attached to the request. There will be a stamp duty of EUR 16 EUR per certificate requested.
  • by email at, indicating, in this case, the type of certificate desired along with an email address to send the documents to. The request must be attached to a copy of a valid document of identification and proof of payment, to be made online. There will be a stamp duty of EUR 16 per certificate requested.

To get any kind of certificate you must be in good standing with the payment of taxes.
In the case of requests for a certificate of registration to the new academic year, you must have passed the examination of year transition.
It is possible to delegate the withdrawal of certificates through a third person, provided that you present written authorization and a photocopy of an identity document of the delegator.
The certificates may be issued in English on request.

Translation and legalisation

To get a certificate translated into any foreign language it is necessary to contact translators who are sworn by the court or diplomatic and consular representations of the country of destination.

For legalization please contact the Italian Prefecture [ITA].