PhD Degrees

PhD Scholarship

Scholarship amount to € 16,243.00 gross per year. Social security expenses are charged to the student. 

The PhD scholarships, the number of which is indicated on the Call, are assigned after a comparative evaluation of merit is made and following the order of the rankings for each PhD course.
In situations where students are equally ranked, the scholarship is assigned to the candidate on the basis of their family economic situation in accordance with current legislation on the right to study.

Students who have already received even a partial PhD Scholarship cannot benefit from it a second time.

Duration and increase of the scholarship

The PhD Scholarship lasts for one year and is renewed for the entire duration of the course provided the student has completed the programme of activities for the previous year, which is verified by faculty.

The scholarship is paid monthly.
The amount payable is increased by 50% for a maximum of 12 months (3 years PhD programmes) (for student with cotutelle agreements this period must be extended until 18 months) and 18 months (4 years PhD programmes) if the student has been authorized by Teaching Board to conduct research abroad.

Starting from the first year, all PhD students enrolled at PhD courses after passing public selection process at Ca’ Foscari are entitled to an annual budget for national and international research activities, the so-called 10% budget.

Tax Rules

The PhD Scholarship, regardless of its amount and regardless of what is stated on the criteria of various models of Declaration, is exempt from paying tax on income and income tax (IRPEF). As regards the requirement of submitting the return, the taxpayer whose sole income is the PhD Scholarship is not bound to the presentation of the tax return as they only have exempt income. It is a good idea to check the instructions of the tax return UNICO template every year. The instructions are available on the website of the Internal Revenue Service (Agenzia delle Entrate).

The Doctoral grant may not be combined with any other scholarship or research grant from any source excepting those granted by national or foreign institutions needed to integrate the student’s research or training abroad.

INPS requirements for PhD scholarship holders

The PhD scholarship is subject to the payment of social security INPS contributions (Italian Social Security Institution) under “separate management”.
The total amount is 2/3 for the administration and 1/3 for the scholarship holder.
Contributions are automatically withheld from the installment and paid by the University directly to the competent INPS.

All PhD students with PhD scholarships are required to register for the "INPS Separate Management". The application for inclusion in the "Separate Managenent" must be made electronically by connecting to the INPS website [ITA], where it is also possible to find further information concerning the "Separate Management".
Attention: for the INPS services you have to ask for the PIN.

Monthly unemployment benefit (INPS DIS-COLL)

Starting from 1st July 2017, the unemployment benefit was also extended to PhD Scholarship holders. Please consut the INPS website [ITA] for more clarification.