Guidance and Psychological Counselling Centre

ESU Venezia, the regional agency for the right to study, provides some services activated by CUORI, the Guidance and Psychological Counselling Centre, in order to promote, in collaboration with the Orientation and Tutoring Service, the individual's well-being during the years of university experience and to prevent the drop-out.


ESU CUORI - Guidance and Psychological Counselling Centre
Palazzo Badoer (1st floor with stairlift), San Polo 2549, Venice
(Basilica dei Frari area, Rio Terà San Tomà - from the second bridge in front of the church, keeping to the left)

Who are the services for?

The services are aimed at all Ca' Foscari students enrolled in Bachelor's and Master's degree, and Phd programmes.

What does it offer?

The CUORI Centre offers free services and with respect for privacy. In particular:



Psychological counselling

Individual and group meetings are available to address a range of issues, such as difficulties in relationships, low self-esteem, crisis situations, widespread anxiety or panic attacks, and other issues that may manifest with physical or mental symptoms like disturbing thoughts, restlessness, and bodily signs. These meetings can be conducted either in person or via video call.

The conversations can also be conducted in English.

Counselling to improve learning effectiveness

Training opportunities for problems with concentration and memorisation, performance anxiety, time and study rhythms management - to acquire an effective working method, to learn how to use one’s cognitive and emotional resources with respect to the study or assessment situation.

The meetings are held in Italian.


An accompanying path to assist students who are undecided about continuing their university career, or have difficulties related to study choices that are not adequate to their interests and motivations. The goal of the meetings is to be able to evaluate changes in one’s training process, also through tests and questionnaires, and take new paths, acquiring positive ways of choosing.

The meetings are held in Italian.

Group workshops and reading material on well-being and study

We offer workshops that include practical exercises to help you manage exam anxiety, improve your study skills, learn relaxation techniques, and integrate mind and body. You will also learn about your personal learning style and increase your self-esteem. Additionally, we provide self-help reading materials on well-being and studying.

To find out about the content, dates and how to take part in the workshops, visit the ESU website on the pages Workshops and listening groups [ITA] and Well-being and Studying: useful tools [ITA].

Last update: 02/07/2024