B2-MAG Master's Degree 
Language requirements

Master's degree programmes that provide the opportunity to certify B2 English language proficiency after the enrolment have the B2-MAG exam in the study plan.

Meeting your Language Requirements

After enrolment, only for programmes that provide it, you can:

  • take the B2 test at University Language Centre (CLA);
  • attend, within the limits of available places, the 75-hrs course; at the end of the course there is a test that is equivalent to B2 eligibility;
  • obtain an international recognised certification or a certificate from the Ca' Foscari CLA.

  • In order to obtain the recognition of your language certification attach the certification in your Personal area by selecting the menu Esse3 Career > Attachments.

    Then send a request for assistance by choosing from the menu:

    • Enrolment and registration/*choose your course* if you obtained the certification before enrolling and if you did not include it among the documentation you provided during the pre-enrolment phase;
    • Student and graduate Careers/Exams if you obtained your certificate after enrolment.

    If you obtain your certification at the University Language Centre (CLA), your records will automatically be updated.

Last update: 02/07/2024