Dettaglio finestra della facciata principale di Palazzo Foscari


La rettrice, Tiziana Lippiello

Tiziana Lippiello - Curriculum
Elected for the 2020/21 - 2025/26 term
Full Professor of Classical Chinese Language
Department of Asian and North African Studies

  • Prof. Antonio Marcomini - Curriculum - Deputy-Rector delegate for Relations with territory
  • Prof.ssa Caterina Carpinato - Curriculum - Vice-Rector for the Third Mission
  • Prof. Elti Cattaruzza - Curriculum - Vice-Rector for the Right to Education and Student Services
  • Prof. Luisa Bienati - Curriculum - Vice-Rector for Teaching
  • Prof. Fabrizio Marrella - Curriculum - Vice-Rector for International Relations and International Cooperation
  • Prof. Maria del Valle Ojeda Calvo - Curriculum - Vice-Rector for Research
  • Prof. Gaetano Zilio Grandi - Curriculum - Vice-Rector for General and Legal Affairs, staff relations and dealings with Ca' Foscari University Foundation
  • Prof. Fabio Aricò - Curriculum - Erasmus and Overseas Agreements
  • Prof. Maria Antonietta Baldo - Curriculum - Sports Activities
  • Prof. Giulia Bencini - Curriculum - Inclusion of students with disabilities and SLD
  • Prof. Giorgio Stefano Bertinetti - Curriculum - Construction
  • Prof. Gianluca Briguglia - Curriculum - University Communications
  • Prof. Marina Buzzoni - Curriculum - University Library System
  • Prof. Giancarlo Corò - Curriculum - International Cooperation and Development Policies
  • Prof. Massimiliano Costa - Curriculum - Teacher Training
  • Prof. Alessio Cotugno - Curriculum - Rector Communications
  • Prof. Laura De Giorgi - Curriculum - Linguistics Research 
  • Prof. Roberta Dreon - Curriculum - Humanities Research
  • Prof. Sara De Vido - Curriculum - Holocaust Memorial and Remembrance Day and Gender Equality
  • Prof. Maurizio Falsone - Curriculum - Labour Relations
  • Prof. Vladi Finotto - Curriculum - Knowledge Transfer
  • Prof. Susanne Franco - Curriculum - Performing Arts
  • Prof. Giovanni Favero - Curriculum - Economic Area
  • Prof. Patrick Heinrich - Curriculum - Research Doctorates
  • Prof. Roland Hinterholzl - Curriculum - Coordination of Teaching-Research Internationalization
  • Prof. Antonio Montefusco - Curriculum - International Reputation and Recruitment
  • Prof. Andrea Marin - Curriculum - Orientation and Tutoring
  • Prof. Sabina Rossi - Curriculum -  Digital Innovation for Teaching and Research
  • Prof. Salvatore Russo - Curriculum - Stage and Placement
  • Prof. Elena Semenzin - Curriculum - Sustainability
  • Prof. Michela Signoretto - Curriculum - Scientific Research
  • Prof. Ugo Sostero - Curriculum - Budget
  • Prof. Fiorino Tessaro - Curriculum - Secondary School Teacher Training (PF 24)
  • Prof. Andrea Stocchetti - Curriculum - Organizational development of the prevention and protection system
  • Prof. Fabrizio Gerli - Curriculum - Career Service 
  • Prof. Raffaele Pesenti - Curriculum - Didactic Calendars
  • Prof. Tiziana Lippiello - Curriculum - Rector (Chair)
  • Prof. Giuseppe Barbieri - Curriculum - Member
  • Prof. Michele Bernasconi - Curriculum - Member
  • Prof. Alessandro Maria Bruni - Curriculum - Member
  • Prof. Carmela Camardi - Curriculum - Member
  • Prof. Anna Comacchio - Curriculum - Member
  • Dr. Roberta D'Argenio - Member
  • Prof. Flavia De Rubeis - Curriculum - Member
  • Ms. Elisabetta Esposto - Member
  • Prof. Anna Moretti - Curriculum - Member
  • prof. Salvatore Orlando - Curriculum - Member
  • prof. Filippomaria Pontani - Curriculum - Member
  • Prof. Giovanni Vian - Curriculum - Member
  • Dr. Antonio Ruzza - Curriculum - Member
  • Prof. Antonio Trampus - Curriculum - Member
  • Mr. Lucato Francesco - Member
  • Mr. Pizzato Elia Emanuele - Member
  • Dr. Gabriele Rizzetto - Curriculum - Head of Administration (Member)
  • Prof. Antonio Marcomini - Curriculum - Prorettore Vicario (Member)
  • Prof. Marcantonio Catelani - Curriculum [PDF] - Coordinator of Evalution Unit (Member)
  • Prof. Tiziana Lippiello - Curriculum - Rector (Chair)
  • Dr. Giampiero Beltotto - Member
  • Dr. Giovanna Berera - Curriculum - Member
  • Dr. Roberto Crosta - Curriculum [PDF] - Member
  • Prof. Giuseppe Pezzotti - Member
  • Prof. Luigi Perissinotto - Curriculum - Member
  • Dr. Nicola Pianon - Member
  • Mr. Stefano De Bianchi - Member
  • Mr. Marco Dario - Member
  • Prof. Antonio Marcomini - Curriculum - Deputy-Rector (Member)
  • Dr. Gabriele Rizzetto - Curriculum - Head of Administration (Member)

Supervisory Bodies

  • Dr. Vincenzo Palomba - President
  • Dr. Marco Piepoli - Full Member
  • Dr. Alessandro Cioffi - Full Member
  • Dr. Rita Stati - Substitute Member
  • Dr. Francesco Bon -  Substitute Member

The Disciplinary Committee exercises disciplinary control over teacher.

The composition for the academic three-year period 2020/2021 - 2022/2023:

  • Prof. Alberto Urbani - Curriculum - Full Member, full professor
  • Prof. Roberta Dreon - Curriculum - Full Member, associate professor
  • Dr. Debora Slanzi - Curriculum - Full Member, Researcher
  • Prof. Anna Marinetti - Curriculum - Substitute Member, full professor
  • Prof. Roberto Senigaglia - Curriculum - Substitute Member, full professor

The Unit fosters excellence and continuous improvement within the institution, proposes and supervises the implementation and update of the University Quality Assurance System, defines the means to support and measure educational, research and “Third Mission” excellence.

For the academic three-year period 2022/23 - 2024/25, the quality Assurance Unit is made up as follows:

  • Prof. Marco Sgarbi, full professor - Curriculum - President
  • Prof. Giorgio Francesco Arcodia, associate professor - Curriculum - Member
  • Prof. Stefania Sbarra, associate professor - Curriculum - Member
  • Prof. Alessio Cotugno, associate professor - Curriculum - Member
  • Prof. Raffaele Pesenti, full professor - Curriculum - Member
  • Prof. Davide Raggi, associate professor - Curriculum - Member
  • Prof. Chiara Zanardi, full professor - Curriculum - Member
  • Prof. Federica Giummolè, associate professor - Curriculum -Member
  • Mr. Riccardo Zara - Member

For further information please visit the website of the Presidium for University Quality [ITA].

  • Esq. Giorgia Masina

For further information please visit the webpage of the Data Protection Officer (DPO)

The University Inspection Service shall ensure - in accordance with Article 1, paragraph 62, of Law No. 662 of December 23, 1996 - the employees’ compliance (professors and researchers, technical-administrative staff and CELs, facilitators) with the rules on incompatibility and overlapping of positions and assignments, and it also has to verify:

  • the possible performance of extra-institutional activities, not previously communicated nor authorized;
  • the possible performance of extra-institutional activities, incompatible with the functions and the interests of the University, as well as with the general rules on incompatibility, overlapping of positions, conflict of interests (even potential) and/or registration with professional bodies.

The Commission, for the three-year period 2023-2025, consists of:

  • Prof. Gaetano Zilio Grandi – curriculum – President
  • Dr. Alberto Domenicali – curriculum [PDF] – External member – Head of Administration, Università IUAV Venezia
  • Dr. Chiara Regazzo – curriculum [PDF] – External member – Chartered accountant and Auditor

The Academic Bodies Support Office of the Institutional Affairs Area ( provides as secretariat for the Commission's activities.

More informations on the web page of the University Inspection Service [ITA].

Guarantee Bodies

Board of Governors

  • De Bianchi Stefano
  • Dario Marco

Academic Senate

  • Lucato Francesco
  • Pizzato Elia Emanuele

Department Board, Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage

  • Tessaro Miriam
  • Ioculano Mara
  • Colombo Elena

Department Board, Department of Asian and North African Studies

  • Ala Maurizio
  • Del Bianco Mirea Gabry
  • Muzzarelli Francesco

Department Board, Department of Humanities

  • De Giorgi Elena
  • Baraldo Ariele
  • Pozzali Adriano

Department Board, Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies

  • Carlino Laura
  • Ducoli Maria
  • Pettenò Giorgia

Department Board, Department of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics

  • Manu Marius Andrei
  • Bulegato Cesare
  • Pelizzaro Vittorio

Department Board, Department of Molecular Sciences and Nanosystems

  • Ceccato Vittorio Alvise
  • Rizzardi Riccardo
  • Bortolan Anna

Department Board, Department of Economics

  • Peghin Beatrice
  • Breda Riccardo
  • Beraldo Martina

Department Board, Department of Management

  • De Bianchi Stefano
  • Andrawes Osama
  • Bernardo Andrea

School of Economics, Languages and Entrepreneurship

  • Sugliano Federico (elected member)
  • Santel Carlo (elected member)
  • Member under selection
  • PhD in Law, Market and Person - Dr. Dal Monico Sara
  • PhD in Law, Market and Person - Dr. Perfetti Gabriele
  • PhD in Economics - Dr. Demaj Xhiselda
  • PhD in Economics - Dr. Fornasiero Enrico
  • PhD in Philosophy and Educational Sciences - Dr. Cavazza Marco
  • PhD in Philosophy and Educational Sciences - Dr. Montanari Sibilla
  • PhD in Computer Science - Dr. Ahmad Zubair
  • PhD in Computer Science - Dr. Gemmi Gabriele
  • PhD in Italian Studies - Dr. Bolognari Marcello
  • PhD in Italian Studies - Dr. Zorzan Edoardo
  • PhD in Modern Languages, Cultures and Societies and Linguistics - Dr. Svetlana Rachele Bassan
  • PhD in Modern Languages, Cultures and Societies and Linguistics - Dr. Alice Suozzi
  • PhD in Management Dr. Elisa Montori (President of Doctoral Student Assembly)
  • PhD in Management - Dr. Angela Nativio
  • PhD in Science and Management of Climate Change - Dr. Dal Barco Maria Katherina
  • PhD in Science and Management of Climate Change - Dr. Mastropiero Matteo
  • PhD in Molecular Science and Nanosystems - Dr. Saorin Gloria
  • PhD in Molecular Science and Nanosystems - Dr. Marco Spinaci
  • PhD in Environmental Sciences - Dr. Giulia Grandi
  • PhD in Environmental Sciences - Dr. Manghi Maria Chiara
  • PhD in Ancient Heritage Studies - Dr. Carmela Paolo La Barbera
  • PhD in Ancient Heritage Studies - Dr. Lax Ignazio
  • PhD in Polar Sciences - Dr. D'Amico Marianna
  • PhD in Polar Sciences - Dr. De Rovere Francesco
  • PhD in History of Arts - Dr. Giovanni Argan
  • PhD in History of Arts - Dr. Gelmi Giulia
  • PhD in Asian and African Studies - Dr. Baquè Giulia
  • PhD in Asian and African Studies - Dr. Alessia Iurato
  • Esq. Elisabetta Vigato

More informations on the web page Student Advocate

  • Prof. Gian Luigi Paltrinieri - Curriculum - President
  • Prof. Vania Brino - Curriculum - University Representative, President's substitute member
  • Prof. Marta Strani - Curriculum - University Representative
  • Prof. Stefania Sbarra - Curriculum - University Representative
  • Prof. Sabrina Marchetti - Curriculum - University Representative, substitute member
  • Dr. Sonia Pastrello - Curriculum - University Representative
  • Dr. Patrik Sambo - University Representative
  • Dr. Michela Del Bono - Curriculum - University Representative, substitute member
  • Dr. Alessio Parpagiola - Curriculum - Foundation UIL SCUOLA RUA's  Representative
  • Dr. Bertilla Ceccato - CISL Federation University Veneto's  Representative
  • Dr. Vania Levorato - FLC-CGIL's Representative
  • Dr. Elisa Vanin - FLC-CGIL's Representative, substitute member
  • Dr. Sara Dal Monico - PhD Students' Representative
  • Dr. Mara Ioculano - Student Representative

Since 1st September 2010 Francesca Torelli (e-mail is the Trusted Advisor for prevention of harassment.

More information on the web page of Single Guarantee Commitee and Trusted Advisor.

Other Bodies

The board has advisory functions in defining the University’s Strategic Plan, including focus of fields of research, recruitment policy and in formulating the criteria adopted in Evaluating Excellence in Research.

The University Board for Sustainability is made up of scientific delegates from the various Departments and is responsible for outlining and overseeing the sustainability strategies, working in synergy with the delegate of the Rector for Sustainability. The goal is to define a coordinated and shared vision between the Departments and strengthen the University's commitment to achieving the objectives of the 2030 Agenda, enhancing existing good practices and structuring projects so that they take into account the different souls of which our University is established.

The members are:

  • Prof. Gabriella Buffa - Curriculum - DAIS' representative member
  • Prof. Federica Cavallo - Curriculum - DEC's representative member
  • Dr. Ines Giunta - Curriculum - DFBC's representative member
  • Prof. Francesco Rullani - Curriculum - DMAN's representative member
  • Prof. Vera Costantini - Curriculum - DSAAM's representative member
  • Dr. Massimo Stella - Curriculum - DSLCC's representative member
  • Prof. Marco Bortoluzzi - Curriculum - DSMN's representative member
  • Prof. Anna Maria Rapetti - Curriculum - DSU's represenative member
  • Prof. Stefano Soriani - Curriculum - SELISI's represenative member
  • Prof. Carlo Giupponi - Curriculum - Global Compact Network Italia's representative member

The Sustainability Board is coordinated by the Rector's Delegate for Sustainability, Prof. Elena Semenzin, and has the operational support of the Ca' Office Sustainable Foscari.

The Commission performs the following tasks:

  • chek the correct application of the Regulation;
  • deliberate, taking the decision to procede or not, with regard to requests for filling/patenting/registration, or in any case protection of the results of the research activity that may have intelectual property rights, presented by the inventors/author and/or their respective belonging structures;
  • deliberate, take the decision to proceed or not, on the requests of european or international extension of patent applications within the deadlines established for the exercise of the right of priority;
  • provide opinions to University's Governance on criteria, guidlines and procedures regarding intellectual property rights;
  • express an opinion to the Academic Senate and to the Board of Governors mandatory non-binding on each proposed spin-off establishment;
  • submit the governing bodies a three-year monitoring report on the state of the spin-off;
  • on the basis of the guidelines approved by the Governance, define the affiliation programme in detail;
  • evaluating and possibly approving requests for accreditation to the Ca' Foscari innovation ecosystem by start-ups promoted by Ca' Foscari students;
  • evaluated and possibly approve affilation requests from external parties.

The members of the Commission are:

  • Prof. Vladi Finotto - Curriculum - President of the Commission of Enhancement of Knowledge
  • Dr. Dario Pellizzon - Curriculum - General Manager's Delegate - Member of the Commission of Enhancement of Knowledge
  • Prof. Alessandra Zanardo - Curriculum - Member with Legal expertise
  • Prof. Cinzia Colapinto - Curriculum - Member
  • Prof. Paolo Pavan - Curriculum - Member representing DAIS
  • Prof. Marco Olivi - Curriculum  - Member representing DFBC
  • Prof. Andrea Pontiggia - Curriculum - Member representing DMAN
  • Prof. Margherita Gerolimetto - curriculum - Componente del DEC
  • Prof. Marcella Maria Mariotti - Curriculum - Member representing DSAAM
  • Prof. Laura Cerasi - Curriculum - Member representing DSLCC
  • Prof. Matteo Gigli - Curriculum  - Member representing DSMN
  • Prof. Luciano Pezzolo - Curriculum - Member representing DSU

The Commission has the task of examining the appropriateness of some initiatives that may present problematic aspects in the context of relations with non-European countries. It is assisted and coordinated by the Vice Rector, prof. Antonio Marcomini, and assisted by Dr. Francesca Magni.

The Commission is so composed:

  • Prof. Marco Ceresa, Academic Senate Member 
  • Prof. Antonio Trampus - Curriculum - Academic Senate Member 
  • Prof. Anna Moretti - Curriculum - Academic Senate Member 
  • Prof. Fabrizio Marrella - Curriculum - As expert on the subject 
  • Prof. Aldo Ferrari - Curriculum - As expert on the subject 
  • Member of the students' Assembly - Member under selection

Issues mandatory opinions and makes proposals in the following matters:

  • ways of coordinating training activities and interdisciplinary initiatives among the PhD programmes and their opening on a national and international level
  • cultural implications of didactic and research collaboration activities carried out with European or international universities, research bodies, AFAM Institutions, enterprises, public administrations, cultural institutions and research infrastructures
  • proposals for the establishment of new PhD programmes or the deactivation of existing ones
  • amendments to the Rules and Regulations on PhDs;
  • general policies for the funding of PhDs, also with reference to the allocation of MUR/University PhD scholarships and operating funds to the PhD Courses

It is composed of the following members:

  • Prof. Baglioni Daniele, Coordinator of the PhD Programme in Italian Studies
  • Prof. Barbante Carlo, Coordinator of the PhD Programme in Polar Sciences
  • Prof. Bertuzzo Enrico, Coordinator of the PhD Programme in Environmental Sciences
  • Prof. Bou Maqueda Enric, Coordinator of the PhD Programme in Modern Languages, Cultures and Societies and Linguistics
  • Prof. Cortesi Agostino, Coordinator of the PhD Programme in Computer Science
  • Prof. De Cian Enrica, Coordinator of the PhD Programme in Science and Management of Climate Change
  • Prof. Dindo Pietro Dino Enrico, Coordinator of the PhD Programme in Economics
  • Prof. Heinrich Patrick, Coordinator of the PhD Programme in Asian and African Studies (President of the Council)
  • Prof. Irti Claudia, Coordinator of the PhD Programme in Law, Market and Person
  • Prof. Perissinotto Luigi, Coordinator of the PhD Programme in Philosophy and Educational Sciences
  • Prof. Pontani Filippomaria, Coordinator of the PhD Programme in Ancient Heritage Studies
  • Prof. Rizzolio Flavio, Coordinator of the PhD Programme in Science and Technology of Bio and Nanomaterials
  • Prof. Vescovo Pier Mario, Coordinator of the PhD Programme in History of Arts
  • Prof. Zirpoli Francesco, Coordinator of the PhD Programme in Management

The following also participate:

  • Prof. Moretti Elisa, representative of Ca' Foscari University on the Board of Lecturers of the PhD Course in Chemistry
  • Prof. Rapetti Anna Maria, representative of Ca' Foscari University on the Board of Lecturers of the PhD course in Historical, Geographical and Anthropological Studies
  • Montori Elisa, PhD, representative of the Council of PhD Students

Advisory functions, research, investigation, promotion and dissemination in ethics (art. 25 of the Ethical Code for the University):

The Committee is composed of the following members: 

  • President under selection;
  • Prof. Alessandro Bernes - Curriculum - Expert in privacy, data protection and legal matters;
  • Prof. Stefano Calzavara - Curriculum - Expert in computer science;
  • Dr. Chiara Da Villa,  - Curriculum - Expert in data management;
  • Prof. Barbara Da Roit - Curriculum - Expert in sociological and humanistic topics
  • Prof. Lucetta Scaraffia, Expert in research ethics;
  • Dr. Silvia Zabeo - Curriculum - Expert in Euro-planning;
  • Dr. Michela Del Bono - Curriculum
  • Prof. Daniela Meneghini - Curriculum
  • Dr. Esterita Vanin - Curriculum
  • Mr. Cesare Bulegato, Appointed representative by the Student Representatives Assembly
  • Dr. Rachele Svetlana Bassan -  Curriculum - Appointed representative by the Doctoral Students Council
  • Mr. Cesare Bulegato - Student representative

The aims of the GEP TEAM is the formulation and monitoring of the University Gender Equality Plan, conteining the purposes to be pursued and the actions to be implemented in order to promote gender equality within the University through institutional and cultural changes.

The supporting organizational structure is the Ca 'Foscari Sustainable Office of the Institutional Affairs Area (

GEP TEAM is composed by:

  • Prof. Sara De Vido - Curriculum - Coordinator
  • Prof. Gian Luigi Paltrinieri - Curriculum - Vice-Coordinator, President CUG
  • Dr. Monica Gussoni - Curriculum - Human Resources Manager 
  • Prof. Stefania Sbarra - Curriculum - CUG member
  • Prof. Laura Fagarazzi - Curriculum - Research Area Representative
  • Dr. Anna Bonfante - Curriculum - Institutional Affairs Area (AAI) Representative - Sustainable Ca 'Foscari Office
  • Dr. Sara Dal Monico - Doctoral Board Representative
  • Dr. Maria Ducoli - Member of the student Assembly
  • Dr. Vivianne Pavan - CurriculumStrategic Planning and Programming Area (APPS) Representative 
  • Dr. Immacolata Caputo, Representing LEI project
  • Dr. Nicoletta Bortoluzzi - Curriculum - Research Area Representative
  • Prof. Sabrina Marchetti - Curriculum - CUG member
  • Dr. Martina Gonano - Curriculum - Institutional Affairs Area (AAI) Representative - Sustainable Ca 'Foscari Office

The Ca' Foscari E.R.C. Board evaluates grant applications in order to create a connection beetween the Departments and Principal Investigators of grant E.R.C., who originally, as Host Institution, had chosen a different one, italian or foreign, and intend to move to Ca' Foscari University of Venice.

Board's member are:

  • Prof. Maria della Valle Ojeda Calvo - Prorettrice alla Ricerca (Presidentessa) - Curriculum
  • Prof. Alessio Rovere - Dipartimento di Scienza Ambientali, Informatica e Statistica - Curriculum
  • Prof. Stefano Bonetti - Dipartimento di Scienze Molecolari e Nanosistemi - Curriculum
  • Prof. Enrica De Cian - Dipartimento di Economia - Curriculum
  • Prof. Giovanni Favero - Dipartimento di Management - Curriculum
  • Prof. Pietro Daniel Omodeo - Dipartimento di Filosofia e Beni Culturali - Curriculum
  • Prof. Olga Tribulato - Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici - Curriculum
  • Prof. Emiliano Bronislaw Fiori - Dipartimento di Studi sull'Asia e l'Africa Mediterranea - Curriculum
  • Prof. Laura Tosi - Dipartimento di Studi Linguistici e Culturali Comparati - Curriculum

The Participate Commission aims to:

  • contribute to the definition of guidelines and strategic choices regarding the participation of the University and the Departments in third parties;
  • draw up guidelines aimed at regulating the University's participation in public and private entities and bodies;
  • formulate opinions to the University Bodies on any proposal for membership or establishment of an investee entity of the University, on the periodic monitoring and auditing of the financial statements of the investee companies.

Members are:

Last update: 18/09/2023