Summer intensive Italian courses

Summer intensive courses of Italian language and culture

Ca’ Foscari School for International Education (also known as CFSIE) will offer intensive Italian language and culture courses in the summer to provide an effective and consolidated manner to start or keep on learning Italian. The intensive course calendar will allow students to complete in over just a few weeks a learning process of Italian language embracing both linguistic and cultural features. Erasmus and international students enrolled in Ca’ Foscari, members of partner universities, but also those who are lovers of the Italian language and culture, as well as of Venice, will find these online courses an invaluable instrument for a communicative approach to Italian language learning.

Course features


The courses cover all levels - from A1 to B2 - of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).
Attention! The summer intensive courses are not credit awarding and cannot replace the Italian courses for Exchange students.


  • Levels A1 and A2, 50 hrs of online Italian language classes
  • Levels B1, B2, 70 hrs of online Italian language classes
  • Final test
  • Final certificate of attendance and grade according to the CEFR framework.

Each course includes Italian Culture classes.

Information about the summer intensive Italian courses of summer 2024 will be posted in June 2024

Fee structure - 2023/2024 Academic Year

  • A1 (50 hours): full rate € 400 / partially reduced rate* € 200 / reduced rate** € 130
  • A2 (50 hours): full rate € 400 / partially reduced rate* € 200 / reduced rate** € 130
  • B1 (70 hours): full rate € 560 / partially reduced rate* € 280 / reduced rate** € 180
  • B2 (70 hours): full rate € 560 / partially reduced rate* € 280 / reduced rate** € 180

Full rate:
external applicants and all users not falling into the below mentioned categories (including Ca' Foscari students graduated more than 6 months before)

*Partially reduced rate:

  • Other partner Italian or international University students (e.g. IUAV, Accademia, visiting students, etc)
  • Teachers, researchers, visiting staff from other partner Universities
  • Returning CFSIE or CLA students (for who has previously taken classes at the CFSIE or the CLA)
  • Ca' Foscari students graduated no more than 6 months before
  • High school students from the age of 16

 **Fully reduced rate:

  • All students enrolled at Ca’ Foscari who are up to date with their University fees
  • Ca’ Foscari scholarship and research fellows, professors, administrative personnel, CEL at Ca' Foscari (Registration fees for these users will be covered by Ca' Foscari University of Venice)
  • Students from foreign institutions enrolled in exchange programmes with Ca’ Foscari (Erasmus, Overseas, Double/Joint Degree, Erasmus Mundus)

People from Ukraine are allowed to attend for free under specific circumstances. For more information please contact us at


Refunds are granted only in case the course has not been provided or in the event of objective and documented impossibility for the applicants to participate. In this case the paperwork must be sent within the first week from the beginning of classes.

How to pay

Please arrange for the payment of the course fee only once you have received our confirmation email and do so by clicking on a specific link we will send you via email. Kindly email a copy of the payment receipt to the following address    

At the end of the course all participants will receive an attendance certificate, including the test grade.
Please consider that only participants who have not exceeded 30% of absences will be allowed to take the final test.

Last update: 27/02/2024