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Ca' Bottacin, Dorsoduro 3911, 30123 - Venice, Italy 

Latest publications

Understanding thermal justice and systemic cooling poverty from the margins: intersectional perspectives from Rio de Janeiro

Antonella Mazzone, Enrica De Cian, Elias de Paula, Andreia Ferreira  & Radhika Khosla

Published in Local Environment, 1–18.

Cognition and Intelligence After the Post-Human Turn
Insights from the Brain-Gut Axis

Roberta Raffaetà
Published by Edizioni Ca' Foscari, 2024

The Invisible Fisherman: The Economy of Water Knowledge in Early-modern Venice

Pietro Daniel Omodeo

Publshed in Ichthyology in Context (1500–1880), ed. by Paul J. Smith and Florike Egmond (Leiden: Brill, 2023), pp. 362-3910

Discussing the Future of Anthropological Collaborations with Data Scientists

Roberta Raffaetà, Giovanna Santanera  and Francesca Esposito

Published in Anthropology in Action, Special Issue Editorial Introduction: Entangling Data while Entangling Disciplines

Building Common Ground
Ecological Art Practices and Human-Nonhuman Knowledges

Edited by Emiliano Guaraldo

Published by Edizioni Ca' Foscari, 2023

Italian Science Fiction and the Environmental Humanities

Daniel A. Finch-Race, Emiliano Guaraldo, Marco Malvestio

Published by Liverpool University Press, 2023

Primo Levi and the Terrestrial Condition

Emiliano Guaraldo

Published in ENTHYMEMA, (33), 26–43, (2023).

Understanding systemic cooling poverty

Antonella Mazzone, Enrica De Cian, Giacomo Falchetta, Anant Jani, Malcolm Mistry & Radhika Khosla

Published in Nature Sustainability (2023)

Everybody Talks About the Weather

Editor: Dieter Roelstraete
Editor associati: Mario Mainetti, Cornelia Mattiacci
Conversazioni tra Dieter Roelstraete e Amitav Ghosh
Testi di Giovanni Aloi, Cristina Baldacci, Shumon Basar, Soren Brothers, Giuliana Bruno, Amber Jane Butchart, Barnabas Calder, Pippo Ciorra, Selina Neirok Leem, Cornelia Mattiacci, Andrea Moro, Luca Mercalli, Michael Rock, Lucia Pietroiusti, Björn Stevens, Jennifer Uchendu, Gaia Vince

Published by Fondazione Prada, Milano 2023
ISBN: 9788887029857

Maternal and food microbial sources shape the infant microbiome of a rural Ethiopian population 

Manara, Serena; Selma-Royo, Marta; Huang, Kun D; Asnicar, Francesco; Armanini, Federica; Blanco-Miguez, Aitor; Cumbo, Fabio; Golzato, Davide; Manghi, Paolo; Pinto, Federica; Valles-Colomer, Mireia; Amoroso, Loredana; Corrias, Maria Valeria; Ponzoni, Mirco; Raffaetà, Roberta; Cabrera-Rubio, Raul; Olcina, Mari; Pasolli, Edoardo; Collado, Maria Carmen; Segata, Nicola 

Published in Current Biology, vol. 33 issue 10

Haunting Pasts to Flowing Futures: In Search of Oceanic Agency

Pietro  Consolandi, Dave Mekhala

On the Law of the Sea 2022. Fisheries and the Law of the Sea in the Anthropocene Era

Published by Ascomare Yearbook

The Cooling Solution

De Cian, Enrica, Gaia Squarci, Jacopo Crimi, Antonella Mazzone, Talita Borges Cruz, Paula Borges da Silveira Bezerra, Lorenza Campagnolo, Francesco Pietro Colelli, Marinella Davide, Giacomo Falchetta, Dattakiran Jagu, André F.P. Lucena, Malcolm Mistry, Filippo Pavanello, Teresa Randazzo, Sebastian Renner, Roberto Schaefer, Ian Sue Wing.

ISBN: 979-12-210-3229-1, (2023)



Venice and the Anthropocene: An Ecocritical Guide

Edited by Cristina Baldacci, Shaul Bassi, Lucio De Capitani, Pietro Daniel Omodeo

Published by Wetlands

Geopraxis: A Concept for the Anthropocene

Pietro Daniel Omodeo

Published in Journal of Interdisciplinary History of Ideas 11/22 (2022): 10:1-10:52

Roberta Raffaetà

Published by Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2022

Growing polarization around climate change on social media

Max Falkenberg, Alessandro Galeazzi, Maddalena Torricelli, Niccolò Di Marco, Francesca Larosa, Madalina Sas, Amin Mekacher, Warren Pearce, Fabiana Zollo, Walter Quattrociocchi & Andrea Baronchelli

Published in Nature Climate Change, 2022

Praticare la religione durante la pandemia. Mutamenti nella Comunità Evangelica Cinese padovana causati dal COVID

Jacopo Scarin

Published in Annali di Ca’ Foscari. Serie orientale, 58(1), 779-802, 2022


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