Campus Scientifico via Torino 155, 30173 Venice (Mestre)
map - accessible route

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 7:30 pm
Saturday: 9 am - 1 pm

You have to book the access and the services with EasyPlanning, see 'Accessing the library'.


Closing days

23-31 December 2023
1-7 January 2024

Accessing the library

Access to the library and book services is open to Ca' Foscari University of Venice members and external users (non-university members) with valid credentials.

You need to book via EasyPlanning or MyUniVE app and select:

  • the library you want to go to as a service 
  • the floor on which you wish to book as a location

Freshmen, new employees and those waiting for a badge can book a replacement badge by ticking the Richiedo badge sostitutivo (Request Replacement Badge) box in the “Informazioni aggiuntive” (“Additional Information”) section of the booking form.
No replacement badge is required for locations without entrance gates.

The following are Ca' Foscari University of Venice members:

  • students
  • lecturers and professors
  • researchers
  • technical and administrative staff
  • scholarship holders
  • PhD students
  • postgraduate students
  • contract workers
  • research fellows
  • honorary fellows
  • university graduates for one year after graduation
  • students from foreign universities under exchange agreements with Ca' Foscari University of Venice
  • visiting professors

To access the library, you must:

Members of the Alumni Association [ITA] may:

  • access the University libraries by booking via EasyPlanning or MyUniVE app and using the credentials issued at the time of registration
  • access the lending and consultation services
  • consult electronic resources from the library stations.

Alumni who are still without a badge can book a replacement badge by ticking Richiedo badge sostitutivo (Request Replacement Badge) box in the “Informazioni aggiuntive” (“Additional Information”) section of the booking form. 

The following can access the University libraries and the consultation and lending services:

  • individuals of age
  • individuals already enrolled in Ca' Foscari University Library System (SBA) 
  • individuals holding a valid card
  • individuals who have booked access via EasyPlanning or MyUniVE app with the credentials received by SMS after sending the registration form.

To apply for SBA membership or renew an expired membership card:

  • fill in the form Registration form for the University Libraries" (annual card)
  • send it to the e-mail address below enclosing a copy of an ID card
  • book after receiving confirmation of registration, which is sent within two working days.

The request should only be sent to one library: the SBA membership will automatically be valid for all the others.

IUAV members with:

  • IUAV card with the user's name: they are enabled to use library services on first booking
  • anonymous IUAV card: they have to request the printing of a special card at the time of registration.

Please write to to:

  • send the registration form
  • request more information
  • report problems with the booking.

Booking rooms and services

The maximum number of people allowed to be in the rooms at the same time is 104.

If you want to book a place in the reading rooms and the library services

  • go to EasyPlanning or with MyUniVE app and select “BAS - Accesso alle sale e ai servizi” (“BAS – Access to rooms and services”) as service and the floor you wish to book a place.

If you don't need to occupy a seat (accessing the photocopy room, borrowing a book, browsing on the floors)

  • please book the access by selecting “BAS - Accesso senza posto a sedere” (“BAS – access without a seat”) as service.

Subject areas and gallery

BAS specialises in the following subject areas: Chemical Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Biotechnology, Technologies for Conservation and Restoration, Computer Sciences, Engineering.

Accessible BAS

BAS is housed in the Alfa building on the Scientific Campus.
The entrance, which is located at the basement level, is accessible via 2 alternative routes, both made accessible by lifts and stairs with handrails.
The library floors can be reached by internal stairs with handrails and a lift to the first floor.
The first and second floor are connected by a key-operated lift; request the key to the library staff if you need it.
The second floor has well-equipped toilets and a workstation for persons with mobility disabilities.

Accessible routes
Reserved workstations
no Technological aids

Computers and Wi-Fi

The reading rooms are equipped with table or wall sockets for your computer.
There are computers on the first floor opposite the photocopier.

In the library you can access the University Wi-Fi network.


General Information
Tel. +39 041 234 8516

Director: Alessandra Zorzi
Tel. +39 041 234 8980 / +39 334 671 3773