Centro Studi Archeologia Venezia

The Centro Studi di Archeologia Venezia (CeSAV) is an open and multidisciplinary space for debate on the role of archaeology in contemporary society.

Ca’ Foscari is active in numerous research projects in Italy, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Investigations range from prehistory to colonial and sub-contemporary worlds, and scholars employ innovative techniques and robust methods of investigation: remote sensing, underwater archaeology, archaeological excavation, digitisation and analysis of artefacts.

Centro Studi Archeologia Venezia

CeSAV has been active since 2019 in the Department of Humanities of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, to promote and encourage research and studies in archeology in all its facets:

  • field research;
  • analysis of materials;
  • theory and methods of archaeological research;
  • valorisation and protection of archaeological heritage;
  • public archaeology.

In this vast panorama of initiatives, CeSAV promotes synergy between field research activities, the coordination of research projects and laboratory activities, and the dissemination of Ca’ Foscari research in the field of archaeology.

The centre also supports advanced training activities in archaeology, including in collaboration with other structures of the University and with other Italian and foreign research institutes. It promotes the internationalisation of research and teaching in the field of archaeology and carries out consulting and research activities for organisations and institutions.

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Executive board

  • Francesca Bertoldi
  • Fiorenza Bortolami
  • Andrea Cipolato
  • Elisa Corrò
  • Elisa Costa
  • Vittoria Dall’Armellina
  • Michela De Bernardin
  • Alessandra Forti
  • Silvia Garavello
  • Katia Gavagnin
  • Francesco Guerra
  • Myriam Pilutti Namer