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How to join the centre

Lecturers and researchers of the Department of Humanities, as well as lecturers and researchers of other Departments of Ca’ Foscari University who share its aims, can join the Centre as members.
The application shall be addressed to the Director of the Centre and submitted to the Assembly for approval.

They can be affiliated to the Centre, by submitting an application to the Director accompanied by a curriculum vitae and after approval by the Board and a resolution of the Assembly:

  1. Research grant holder, PhD students, hired lecturers, research fellows in the field and collaborators of Ca’ Foscari University;
  2. External lecturers, experts and professionals, researchers from other universities and national and international research institutes.

Members who have retired shall be honorary members and shall continue to participate in the life of the Centre.


Participates in archaeological excavations, reconnaissance and scientific projects

Many of Ca’ Foscari's archaeological projects involve the participation of trainee students in field research activities.

You can also find information on the possibilities of participating in the excavations on the web pages of the degree courses on

Ongoing archaeological projects have different sources of funding and agreements with conservation bodies and superintendencies are also varied.
This is why each project has distinct ways of participating.

How to participate in research activities

Ca’ Foscari Students

If you are a student enrolled at Ca’ Foscari, please contact the lecturers and excavation contacts for dates, deadlines and rankings. You are already insured

Students from other universities

If you are a student enrolled at another university, you can activate an internship agreement: contact your university's internship department and the project contact at Ca’ Foscari.


In some projects you can join as a volunteer in certain phases of the research: contact the project leaders and excavation directors directly for information on how to participate.

For further information: