University regulations

Degree Programme Regulations

The Master’s Degree programme, in relation to specific objectives, provides experimental activities on campus and in the laboratory, possibility of internal and external formative traineeships at businesses, structures, laboratories and institutes, public and/or private, as well as periods of study at other European and Italian universities, as well as in the framework of international agreements.

Students are assigned 1 credit for every documented 25 hours of the internship.

Two types of traineeship are possible:

  • “Internal” Traineeship – that is carried out in the laboratories at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice; the Didactic College of the Degree Programme in Environmental Sciences, on the basis of the Traineeship request presented by the student and expressed through the specific module (internal traineeship application), can approve the internal Traineeship.
    Upon finishing the internship, students must deliver the record of attendance at the internship and Declaration for finishing the traineeship form to the Secretary of the degree programme.
  • “External” Traineeship – that is carried out at an institute, research laboratories or site external to the university (in which case it is necessary that an agreement is previously stipulated between the University and the site). The external traineeship is regulated and managed by the University Internship Service.

Forms and documents

The form for the Internal Traineeship Application, filled in, signed, and completed with the attached documentation, must be scanned and emailed to

Last update: 27/09/2022