Ca' Foscari first Italian university to offer CALI Arabic certificate

Ca’ Foscari is now a certification centre for CALI (Certificazione di lingua Araba di Livello Intermedio), a certificate for the intermediate levels of CEFR (B1 and B2), designed by the American Councils for International Education and Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. The exam will be held at Ca’ Foscari once a year. 

Ca’ Foscari is the first university in Italy to offer a certificate in Arabic and it is currently the only CALI certification centre in Italy. On 28 May at 4 p.m., Dr Andrea Facchin, a researcher at Ca’ Foscari, and Dr Todd Drummon, of the American Councils for International Education, explain the aims and characteristics of this certificate in an online presentation

274 million people worldwide speak Arabic, according to statistics from Ethnologue (2020). CALI can therefore be a ticket to the world of work for graduate students in fields such as linguistic and cultural mediation, migrant reception, the business world, translation and interpretation, tourism, diplomacy, and journalism. 

The date of this year’s exam is 24 September 2021. The exam is open to anyone who wishes to take it: candidates simply need to sign up online. All the information you need can be found here (please note: the page is in Italian).

The team that worked towards achieving this goal includes Andrea Facchin (coordinator),  Antonella Ghersetti, Simone Sibilio, Yaser Odeh and Sana Darghmouni on the Italian side; and the American Councils for International Education on the American side.

Author: Federica Scotellaro / Translator: Joangela Ceccon