Erasmus+ non-EU study programme (ICM)


The key action KA107 of the Erasmus+ programme for International Credit Mobility (ICM) promotes the implementation of mobility projects outside the EU, in line with the strategy for the internationalisation of higher education institutions.

Contacts and reservations

Ca’ Foscari offers its students the mobility opportunities of the new Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Program (ICM), entirely funded by the European Union, with the objective of promoting international mobility of students and staff from and to non EU countries.

At the moment there are two different active projects, all based on single country projects:

  • the first one has a financial envelope of € 395.385,00, covering the 2020-2023 period, and will end mandatorily on 31/07/2023.
  • the second one has a financial envelope of € 1.534.680,00, covering the 2022-2025 period, and will end mandatorily on 31/07/2025.

Partner countries, toward which outgoing Ca' Foscari students mobility will be possible, are:

  • Project 2020-2023 (mobility during the academic year 2021-2022 and 2022-2023): Australia (University of Sydney), Bosnia and Erzegovina (University of Banja Luka, University of Sarajevo), China (Beijing Normal University, Fudan University), Israel (Bar-Ilan University, Ben Gurion University, University of Haifa, Weizmann Institute of Science)
  • Project 2022-2025 (mobility during the academic year 2023-2024 and 2024-2025): Armenia (Yerevan State University), Australia (University of Melbourne, Southern Cross University), Azerbaijan (ADA University, Azerbaijan University of Languages), Bosnia-Erzegovina (University of Sarajevo, University of Banja Luka), Canada (University of Ottawa), South Korea (Kyungpook National University), Georgia (Tbilisi State University), Japan (Waseda University), Morocco (International University of Rabat), Mongolia (National University of Mongolia), South-Africa (Stellenbosch University), USA (Boston University)

Number of places, eligible study cycles and study areas will be different for every country project and will be specified within the call.


  • Promote excellence in Higher Education;
  • Strengthen key skills for entry to the labour market (spirit of initiative, digital and linguistic competencies);
  • Exploit the full potential of new technologies;
  • Favour social inclusion;
  • Raise the level of teaching and professional capacities.


Students of the three cycles (UG, MA and PHD) will have the opportunity to spend a mobility period at some important Universities in non EU Countries all over the world. Mobilities can last from a minimum of 2 months up to a maximum of 12 months per cycle of study. All details are defined in the call and in the annexes.


Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility project (ICM) last from 01/08/20 to 31/07/23 (for 2020 project) and from 01/08/2022 to 31/07/2025 (for the 2022 project), which are the deadlines for the completion of activities. Scholarships are awarded through a specific call published and accessible through Ca’Foscari website, with the clear indication of requirements of participation and for the selection of applications.


Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (ICM) scholarship is primarily finalised to obtain academic credits abroad and it is awarded for full time activities (study, preparation of final works “tesi”). Erasmus+ ICM allows students to live challenging cultural experiences in non EU Countries, to familiarise with new Higher Education Systems, to improve the knowledge of at least one extra EU Country language, to meet foreign people, while participating actively in the internationalisation process of Higher Education Institutions involved and of their own academic curriculum. During the Erasmus+ mobility, which must be continued and without  interruptions, it’s not possible to take exams at Ca’Foscari.

Benefits and Inclusion

Students have the opportunity to attend academic courses and to use the facilities of Higher Education Institution at the same conditions of students enrolled at the host University, without paying any fees in the host Institution and with the guarantee that all credits obtained abroad will be recognized. Furthermore, the Erasmus+ ICM project provides a scholarship of € 700,00 per month and a return ticket for the Country of destination. The amount of the Erasmus+ grant will be transferred in full, after the subscription of the Grant Agreement, within 30 days from the beginning of the mobility. The host University will provide assistance to find accomodation and for the release of visa and stay permit when necessary. During the whole mobility, Ca’Foscari will provide support through its International Relations Office.

In addition, the 2021-2027 Erasmus+ Programme “seeks to promote equal opportunities and access, inclusion, diversity and fairness across all its actions. Organisations and the participants with fewer opportunities themselves are at the heart of these objectives and with these in mind, the programme puts mechanisms and resources at their disposal.”.

Under this framework, the basic amount of €700 per month, which is guaranteed to all selected students, will be increased of additional €250 per month for a limited number of students with fewer opportunities, identified through their Family Income level, certified through an ISEE form. 

Calls and forms

The first Erasmus+ ICM Call 22-23 is now open

The 1st Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility call 22-23 for students' mobilities is open and it will be closed on February 24th 2023 at 1 o'clock p.m. (only for mobilities to University of Ottawa, Waseda University and Stellenbosch University the deadline will be February 6th 2023 at 1 o'clock p.m.)

How to apply

The call for participation in the Erasmus+ Programme ICM is published on a yearly basis (generally in December) and departures refer to the academic year following that of the publication of the call.

You can participate in the call for applications for the Erasmus+ ICM Programme if you are a Ca’ Foscari student (of any nationality) regularly enrolled in:

  • a Bachelor's Degree Programme: on departure you shall be enrolled at Ca’ Foscari University for the academic year in which your Erasmus+ ICM mobility will take place (there are no prerequisites for a minimum number of ECTS); 
  • a Master's Degree Programme: on departure you shall be enrolled at Ca’ Foscari University for the academic year in which your Erasmus+ ICM mobility will take place (there are no prerequisites for a minimum number of ECTS);
  • a PhD programme

Every year in the call for applicants we will indicate the available destinations, the expected levels of study, the study programmes associated to every destination, the duration of the mobility (which are rigid and not modifiable) and the level of linguistic knowledge required by each host University.

You cannot apply if your level of study (to be considered at the time of commencement of mobility) and/or your ​​study programme are not present for the destination of your interest.

For all the duration of your Erasmus+ mobility period, you must not receive any other EU scholarship for a period of study abroad and you must be regularly enrolled to a Bachelor's/Master's/PhD degree programme. 

For students who have already participated in the LLP/Erasmus and Erasmus+ programme

During your whole university career, from the Bachelor's degree programme to the PhD degree, you will be able tom benefit from Erasmus more than once, for an overall period not exceeding 12 months for each study cycle. To verify that you have not already reached or surpassed the 12 months, all the Erasmus Placement or Erasmus+ for Study experiences will be considered, potentially undertaken under the LLP Erasmus and Erasmus+ programme.

With Erasmus+ ICM you will receive the scholarship for the mobility even if you already made an Erasmus+ Placement, Erasmus+ for study, Erasmus+ ICM or LLP Erasmus mobility.

To apply to study abroad with Erasmus+ ICM:

  1. Carefully read the call for applications;
  2. Check that you meet the requirements listed in the call
  3. There is no limit to the number of destinations you can choose. If you are applying to more than one destination, you will have to submit and attach to the announcement a file for each destination, complete with all the required documents.
  4. Contact the coordinating teacher for each destination for further information (you can find it indicated in the document attached to the announcement "Annex I - List of partner Universities");
  5. Complete the online form available at the link indicated within the Call;

When filling out the application, remember that to be valid you must attach the pdf with all the documents required by art. 6 of the call (Admission procedures).

The application must be completed exclusively online, within the deadlines indicated in the call for applications (you do not need to bring any receipt to the International Office).

Learning Agreement

You will have to prepare the Learning Agreement, which is the document that contains the plan of the activities you want to carry out abroad and the indication for the recognition of the same at Ca 'Foscari, already in the application phase for mobility, and attach it to the call. To prepare it:

  • search the host university's website for courses that may be compatible with your study plan;
  • prepare a draft of the Learning Agreement. To do this, it is necessary to use the documents attached to the call (Learning Agreement for Study or Learning Agreement for Thesis Research);
  • make an appointment with the teacher in charge of approving your Learning Agreement, indicated in the document attached to the call "Annex I - List of partner universities" (Person in charge of signing the Learning agreement) to complete the form and to obtain its signature.


The signed Learning Agreement is one of the documents to be attached in pdf format to the application, so that it is valid.

All selected and not selected candidates will be contacted through e-mail by the Projects Unit. The selection lists are published in your personal area of the Ca' Foscari website (section International Mobility - Rankings), before the deadline mentioned in the call. Make sure you check the selection lists regularly. Notifications of possible delays in the publication of the selection lists will appear on this webpage.

  • If you are the winner of a destination, you will be contacted by e-mail from the Projects Unit and you will be asked to confirm your acceptance or your refusal promptly.
  • If your name appears in the reserve list, you do not need to accept your place. The International Relations Office will get in touch with you directly if a place becomes available.

The Erasmus + Program gives special attention to mobile students whose physical, psychological or, more generally, health conditions are such that they cannot participate in the program without the intervention of additional funding, aimed at contributing to the additional costs incurred for aspects such as support, reception and accessibility to the premises, as well as pedagogical and technical support services. This is to ensure that everyone can fully enjoy all that is part of European mobility.

Therefore, students with physical, psychological or, more generally, health problems can benefit from the support services provided by the host institution to their students.

Among the initiatives to support the mobility of people with special needs, there is the possibility of requesting an additional community contribution to support expenses related to the aforementioned needs. For information about it, you can contact

Language preparation

To ensure that you are properly prepared for your Erasmus+ study experience and make sure that you meet the partner university’s language requirements, Ca' Foscari offers you the opportunity to choose from the following options at the University Language Centre (CLA)

  • English, French, Spanish and German courses
    These courses are offered at nearly all CEFR levels (A1 to C1). At the end of the 60-hour course you will receive a diploma certifying attendance and proficiency level reached.
  • Preparatory courses for IELTS, PET and FIRST exams
    Ca’ Foscari can prepare you for the international PET, FIRST and IELTS exams if requested by your host university.
  • English, French, Spanish, and German certification
    You can obtain a document certifying the level of your language proficiency if required by the host university.
  • Placement test
    Students wishing to self-assess their language skills can test their proficiency level once every six months by taking a free placement test. Just register at For more information see the Youtube channel
  • Online courses
    You can also participate in an e-learning course for B1 level English and in a Spanish module (also at B1 level). If you prefer you can also enrol in other self-learning modules with various durations. 

It will be under your responsibility to verify which certifications are accepted by the host university. Remember that you must meet the language requirements set by the host university at the time of application.

Procedures for outgoing Erasmus students

The procedures described below relate to outgoing Erasmus + ICM students (study mobility or thesis research) who have already been officially nominated as winners of an Erasmus + ICM exchange.

The new Erasmus + program is continuously updated by the European Commission and the Erasmus + INDIRE National Agency. For this reason, the procedures and documentation may vary. We invite you to regularly check your institutional account ( and this web page.

Period of mobility and calculation of monthly payments

Remember that:

  • The duration of your mobility is defined in the call and is rigid, unless minor adjustments due to specific needs, justifiable and acceptable by the Project Unit, the student or the host University;
  • Mobility will have to take place in the academic year following the publication of the call (therefore for the call published during the academic year 17-18, mobility may take place in the first or second semester of the academic year 18-19);
  • The mobility must be carried out continuously and not fragmented (during the period of mobility you will not be able to take exams at Ca 'Foscari);
  • Mobility can be reduced or interrupted only for reasons of force majeure documented and spent during mobility.
  • Mobility can be prolonged, to know how to do, see the section "Before the Return". 

E + ICM grant amount and monthly calculation

The E + ICM Program provides a 700 € monthly scholarship plus the reimbursement of travel costs within a ceiling set by the European Commission.

Fractions of one month (single days) will be paid in proportion. Only the days of mobility actually carried out will be paid and certified by the confirmation forms of arrival and departure, according to the rules illustrated in the announcement.

The travel ticket can be purchased and paid directly by UNIVE through a travel agency that has been contracted or purchased by the student and reimbursed by UNIVE upon presentation of supporting documents. In both cases, the renunciation of mobility subsequent to the purchase of the ticket and prior to departure, and not due to force majeure documentable, will result in reimbursement by the student of the costs already incurred by UNIVE.


Contacts at Ca' Foscari
The International Relations Office - Projects Unit will be your reference to Ca 'Foscari for all the organizational and administrative aspects of your Erasmus + ICM experience. Regarding the educational issues related to the content of the courses you attend and the methods of recognition of the same, you can contact directly the teacher coordinator of the project-country or the teacher in charge of approving your Learning Agreement, both indicated in the document attached to the call "Annex I - List of partner Universities "(Erasmus + contacts at Ca 'Foscari University of Venice - Academic Coordinator and Person in charge of signing the Learning agreement).

Contacts at the host university
The International Relations Office of the host university is the main contact for issues related to your mobility (academic calendar, course program, accommodation ...). Find the contacts in the document attached to the call "Annex I - List of partner Universities" (Erasmus + contacts at host University - Academic Coordinator and Administrative Coordinator).

Your contacts
From the moment of acceptance, all communications from the Ca 'Foscari International Relations Office will be sent to your institutional account ( We therefore invite you to check it regularly.

Documents to prepare for the host university (application)

Check the procedure and deadlines for Incoming students on the website of the destination university. It will be your responsibility to submit what is required for the so-called application within the deadlines indicated by the host university, which may not accept you if the documents should arrive late. Before proceeding with the application, you will have to wait until you receive your official letter of appointment from the Projects Unit.

For clarification and support for the preparation of the documents to be sent, remember that we are at your disposal. Contact the International Relations Office - Projects Unit (

Learning Agreement

Only if your application has been accepted and you have accepted the mobility, send the learning agreement presented during application to the Academic coordinator of the host university (indicated in the document attached to the announcement "Annex I - List of partner Universities" - Erasmus + contacts at host University - Academic Coordinator) to obtain his counter-signature on the document.

The Learning Agreement will then be sent via e-mail and complete with all signatures to the International Relations Office - Projects Unit ( before the start of mobility and the signing of the financial contract. Without the countersigned, the "Grant Agreement" will not be signed and therefore mobility will not be possible.

Travel documents

Identity card or passport
Make sure that your passport is valid for the entire period of mobility and promptly informed about the requirements by the country of destination to obtain a visa for study: to get it remember to refer in good time to the diplomatic representation in Italy of the country of destination. 

Standard of safety at destination
Register on the website and inquire about the general standard of safety of your destination. 

Health cover
Each beneficiary must be provided with adequate insurance coverage. Any cost for insurance coverage is borne by the beneficiary.

Taxes and registration to Ca 'Foscari

As an Erasmus student, at the time of departure you must be enrolled at Ca 'Foscari and you are required to pay the fees within the deadlines set by the University.

Financial contract

The International Relations Office- Projects Unit will inform you about the date and the procedure for signing the financial contract. Without the signature of the contract it is not possible to obtain the status of Erasmus + student.

For the financial contract, you will need to:

  • have the complete Learning Agreement with all the signatures;
  • Know the start date of the lessons / days of reception / possible language courses at the university that will host you;
  • Having the CartaConto IBAN: we remind you that it is essential to activate it in order to receive the Erasmus + ICM scholarship, which will be paid in full within 30 days from the signature of the financial contract.

During your stay at the host university:

  • send us the necessary documents only by e-mail to;
  • check the institutional email ( all communications from us will be sent to that e-mail account;
  • the documents to be used are those on Ca 'Foscari headed paper and can be downloaded from this page;
  • notify us promptly if you encounter any kind of difficulty. 

Confirmation of arrival

When registering as an Erasmus student, fill in and submit the Confirmation of Arrival form to the Erasmus Office of the host university and send it promptly (within 15 days) to Keep the original copy that you will have to deliver to the Projects Unit on your return. Remember that in the absence of this form the mobility cannot be recognized, and upon return you will be asked to pay back the E + scholarship in full as received at the beginning of the mobility. 

Changes to the Learning Agreement 

In case you want to modify the Learning Agreement you can do it through the Changes to the Learning Agreement form (downloadable from this page) that must be signed by both professors in charge of the host university and of Ca 'Foscari and sent by e-mail to

You have 30 days from the beginning of the reference semester courses to make any changes. Remember that no further changes will be accepted after your return.

In the Changes to the Learning Agreement form, only the changes made must be included compared to the courses indicated in the original Learning Agreement. The courses that remain unchanged should not be reported in the variation form.

Request for extension 

To be able to extend your mobility period, at least one month before the scheduled return date you will need to:

  • contact to check the possibility of extension, which depends on the availability of additional Erasmus + funds (with E + ICM it is not possible to extend the mobility without paying the monthly grant even for the additional months)
  • fill out the Changes to the Learning Agreement form in which to add the activities you intend to follow during the extension period;
  • have the form signed by the host university and send it by e-mail to

Confirmation of departure

On the occasion of the closure of your Erasmus + mobility period, fill in and have the confirmation of departure form filled in by the manager of the Erasmus Office of your host university, then send it to Keep the original copy that you will have to deliver to the Projects Unit on your return. Remember that in the absence of this form and of the confirmation of arrival, the mobility cannot be recognized, and upon return you will be asked to pay back the E + scholarship in full as received at the beginning of the mobility. 

Transcript of records

At the end of the Erasmus period some universities issue the Transcript of Records directly to the student (certificate of the exams taken). If not, ask this certificate to be sent directly to the International Relations Office by email ( or by post (Ca 'Foscari University of Venice - International Relations Office / Projects Unit - Dorsoduro 3246 - 30123 Venezia - Italy). Remember that it will be your care to be sure of the send of the "Transcript of Records" to Ca 'Foscari. Generally the Transcript is sent to Ca 'Foscari about a month after the end of the mobility.

Closure of the mobility period

At the end of your Erasmus mobility period, you will have to make an appointment with the Projects Unit through the booking link at the top of this page. At the appointment you will have to deliver the original signed Confirmation of Arrival and Departure, the Transcript of Records if already provided by the host university and all the originals of the Learning Agreement variation modules.

Recognition of exams

As soon as we receive the Transcript of Records we will contact you to inform you of the credit recognition procedure. As the procedures vary depending on the department / enrollment course, please wait for our directions. As soon as we receive the credit recognition form from the teacher who signed your Learning Agreement, we will forward it to the Student Career Sector so that the exams are recorded in your online booklet.We remind you that:

  • partial exam recognition cannot be made.

Buddy programs and student associations

Buddy programs are a useful support and an excellent opportunity to exchange both linguistic and intercultural for all international and italian students. When you return, you can continue living your university experience in an international atmosphere, participating in the Ca 'Foscari Buddy program or in the student associations active in our University. For more information you can consult the section of the website dedicated to Buddy Programs and student associations.

Last update: 22/11/2023