Degree admission, application and withdrawal

News from graduation summer session 2022/2023

Please remember that starting from the summer graduation session of the 2022/2023 you will be required to pay the 16 euros stamp duty in order to receive the graduation diploma.
You will be able to make the payment once you have filled in the online graduation request. In order to pay, you will have to log in to the “payment” section of your Personal Area (Students Services - ESSE3 Payements) where you can find two payment invoices:

  • the duty stamp for the degree request to graduate;
  • the duty stamp for the graduation diploma.

You have to make the payments within deadlines using the credit card.
Should you decide not to graduate and therefore submit a new application, you will only be required to pay the stamp duty due for the graduation application.

To be admitted to the final degree exam you must have completed all your yearly studies or acquired all the credits required by your study plan (including additional credits).

In order to submit your Request to Graduate you must not have more than 24 outstanding credits (excluding credits for the final exam and for internships/traineeships).  This rule  does not apply to students who graduate in the summer Session and are graduating within the legal duration of the degree programme ( three year for BA and two for MA)  and those who graduate in advance ( before the legal duration of the degree programme).

Remember that you will not be required to pay the first and second instalment of the academic year 2024/2025 if you graduate in the autumn (October 2024) or extraordinary session (February-March 2025) of AY 2023/2024.

If you have already paid the first instalment and you graduate in one of the aforementioned sessions, you will receive a refund of the paid amount (except for the regional tax for the right to study) to your CartaConto in the summer period. 

Graduating students for the academic year 2023/2024 may make changes to their study plans on paper between the following dates:

  • 1 - 30 April  for summer session;
  • 1 July - 4 September for the autumn session;
  • 1 October - 10 December for the extraordinary session.
Contacts and reservations

Before compiling your request

  • agree upon the subject of your final thesis/paper with your supervisor;
  • check that you have settled all outstanding university tuition fees (including any late payment penalties); the Student Administration Unit (Bachelor's and Master's degrees) will carry out an additional check to ensure that tuition fees have been paid;
  • compile the AlmaLaurea questionnaire and save the receipt so that you can attach it (it does not need to be signed) to the upload form in the request to graduate area.

During compilation

  • compile the online request to graduate, listing any outstanding exams or exams taken awaiting registration. Any problems you might have encountered can be described in a text file, which you can then attach to the upload form in the request to graduate area;
  • you will also be asked to enter the title of your thesis along with an abstract: The abstract is a brief summary of the contents of your thesis and should not exceed 1500 characters in length. Both the title and abstract can be changed after compiling your request – within the established deadlines – by clicking on the change thesis title button;
  • after completing the online procedure, check the summary to ensure data entered is correct and make sure that your request displays a "submitted" status (in your Personal Area under the Graduation heading). We recommend printing the summary page as proof of correct compilation.

Compile your request to graduate [ITA]

After compilation

  • Make the online payment of the two 16 euros revenue stamp (Personal area > Online student services - ESSE3 > Payments) according to deadline;
  • we remind you that if you apply for graduation from  January 10th to January 15th you will have to pay a 100 Euros surcharge; you will find it in your personal area from January 21st ;
  • you can check whether your request to graduate has been approved by  your supervisor within the deadlines by going to your Personal Area and the heading "Upload thesis and check supervisor approval";
  • by the deadline to upload your thesis/final paper go to the “Upload thesis and check supervisor approval" heading in your Personal Area.


Should you withdraw your request to graduate, remember that you will need to submit a new request to graduate for every session.

If you have paid your tuition fees for the new academic year and you graduate in the autumn (October-December) or extraordinary session (February), your fees will automatically be reimbursed (following deduction of bank fees, revenue stamp and regional tax for financial aid) in the summer session.

If you intend to withdraw from your graduation exam you must inform the L and LM Student Career Area in time (also if you fail to pass one or more outstanding exams).

Contacts and reservations


In order to give notice of withdrawal from the degree examination, you must fill in the appropriate form and attach a valid identity document.

Withdrawal during the extraordinary session (February/March session)

If you submit your withdrawal from the request to graduate in the extraordinary session, you must enrol in the academic year 2023/2024 by paying the first instalment  and second instalment of your tuition fees. In this case you will be required to pay a penalty of Euro 100,00.

If you are enrolled in the 2023/2024 academic year (the first and second instalments must have been paid), fall within the first year beyond the allotted time to attain a degree, and are only due the final examination by 31st March 2024, you will be automatically exempted from paying the third instalment and the arrears on the first and second instalments, for one academic year only.

If you qualify to benefit from the reduction in fees due to income, you will be required to take the following steps by March 31st 2024:

  • enrol for the 2023/2024 academic year by paying the first and second instalments using only the payment methods found on the "How to pay" page;
  • obtain the ISEE certificate for subsidised benefits for the right to university study in your favour devoid of omissions/ discrepancies;
  • fill in and send the online request for subsidised benefits in all its parts in your personal account. Please note: to send the request, press the "submit request" button, otherwise it will not be accepted. If you have successfully submitted the request, you will receive a receipt of submission that you are required to save.

Last update: 05/07/2024