Spin-offs and accelerators

The creation of spin-offs is supported by the knowledge transfer team of Ca' Foscari University, PInK - Promoting Innovation and Knowledge, in order to transform scientific and technological know-how into marketable innovation. PInK operates as a bridge between research, institutions and industries to promote entrepreneurship and innovation and create value for the territory.


PInK - Promoting Innovation and Knowledge
Tel: +39 041 234 8146

Spin-offs at VSM

Venywhere - Year 2022

Considering the current trend in Venice of having a dramatically decline of dwellers, Venywhere represents an innovative platform designed to develop a new type of residency in Venice, focussed on remote workers, the so-called workers-from-anywhere. This to contribute to making Venice a contemporary city with a growing number of new dwellers.
More info at: www.venywhere.it

UpSkill 4.0 - Year 2020

Upskill is a digital platform created to foster connections between technical schools and companies. In cooperation with trade associations and foundations, Upskill offers companies the opportunity to participate in innovative paths centred on active collaboration with high school groups of students of ITS (Information Technology Services).
More info at: www.upskill40.it

Strategy innovation - Year 2015

Strategy Innovation is a team that supports brands in the development of strategic innovations, encouraging them to periodically question their business model and identify potential more effective new ones.
More info at: www.strategyinnovation.it

Anteo - Year 2014

Spin-off that promotes the environmental and social reconversion of the economy, accompanying companies, local authorities and associations on a path of sustainability.
More info at: www.anteo.to



Venetian Accelerator based on sustainability, and oriented towards the development of entrepreneurial ideas and technological solutions to address climate and environmental challenges. VeniSIA supports startups in co-innovation processes, thanks to the collaboration with top partners who embrace the desire to design and contribute to the development of innovative business models that can add value to societal challenges.
More info at: www.venisia.it

Last update: 27/02/2024