Elisabetta Cagnin
Technical and Administrative Staff - Administrative-Accounting Office

What are you most passionate about in your division?
I mainly work on procedures related to research grants and external partnerships. Having the chance to follow, right from the early stages, procedures to bring research assistants and freelancers into the department - people who work with lecturers to carry out research tasks and thus improve the quality and quantity of the department's activities - is something I am very passionate about. Seeing and following these young people from the moment they fill in their application form to the moment they sign their contract is a source of joy and gratification for me: I feel part of a virtuous cycle, a driving force behind new enthusiasm and aspirations. Many of them go on to become researchers and then embark on university careers: this is great.

Have you always known that this was going to be your path?
No. I come from a very diverse work background, but I am convinced that all my previous work experiences have contributed to bringing me here, now, and that what I learned previously has served to help me do my current job in a more complete and enriching way.

What does working at Ca’ Foscari mean to you?
Being part of a community bigger than myself, than the individual in general, and therefore realising that we can only act if we interact with others and accept, in a conscious and respectful way, the input that comes to us from outside and know how, or at least try, to make it evolve into something good and bigger.

Why should someone choose Ca’ Foscari?
Why not? The fact that we have not yet found the best answer only encourages us to look for it.

Last update: 17/04/2024