Ca' Foscari's Water Bottle

Ca' Foscari University is going to give away free water bottles to all the members of the Ca’ Foscari community for a plastic free University. Students, faculty and staff members will receive a water bottle by 24Bottles, with an exclusive illustration by Venetian artist Lucio Schiavon.

From 21 April 2022 you can buy the Ca’ Foscari water bottle, which features an illustration by the Venetian artist Lucio Schiavon and produced by 24Bottles. 

The water bottle is available for purchase on Ca’ Foscari’s online shop and in the shop at Palazzo Foscari, the university’s headquarters. For the Ca' Foscari community there is a discount at the physical store, showing the university badge.

The university will continue to give one bottle for free to the members of the Ca’ Foscari community who have not received it yet — students (including Eramsus students) and staff can collect their bottle at the Ca’ Foscari shop, showing their university badge.

A Whale at Ca’ Foscari

The “Una balena a Ca’ Foscari” (“A Whale at Ca’ Foscari”) initiative was launched in 2019 and aims to raise awareness of the importance of reducing single-use plastic waste within the Ca’ Foscari community. 
Since the launch of the initiative, the bottle’s illustration — which depicts scenes of Venetian life as related to environmental sustainability, tradition and multiculturalism — has become iconic.

24Bottles for Ca' Foscari

Ca’ Foscari’s water bottle is made by 24Bottles in 18/8 stainless steel and is BPA free, so it can hold any type of liquid (provided that it is cold or at room temperature). The bottle’s design makes using it really simple: the wide opening allows for the insertion of ice and for easy cleaning.  

24Bottles is a Carbon Neutral certified company: it offsets its CO2 emissions from production, packaging and transportation by contributing to reforestation projects.  


  • University Badge
  • Tax Code
  • Identity Card


No, the water bottle is for students who are enrolled in a Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD programme or a Professional Master’s course.


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Last update: 08/05/2024