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QS Rankings by subject: four Ca' Foscari disciplines in the world Top 100
QS Rankings by subject: four Ca' Foscari disciplines in the world Top 100

In the new edition of the QS World University Rankings by subject, which is consulted by over 50 million students every year, Ca' Foscari is among the best universities in the world for Classical Studies and Ancient History (45th in ranking), Modern Languages (69th in the overall ranking and 3rd in Italy), History (3rd in the national ranking) and Hospitality and Leisure management (1st again among Italian universities).

The Cretan Warrior: helmet and shield brought to light in Phaistos
The Cretan Warrior: helmet and shield brought to light in Phaistos

This remarkable discovery - a bronze panoply consisting of a shield boss, fragments of a helmet and possibly a belt - occurred during the archaeological excavation at Phaistos (Crete) in July 2023. The excavation was led by Professor Ilaria Caloi's team from Ca’ Foscari. 

Il museo digitale. Esperienze e progetti
Il museo digitale. Esperienze e progetti

The Vedph is glad to announce "Il museo digitale. Esperienze e progetti", of Stefania De Vincentis, Editori Paparo 2023. The introduction of new technologies for cataloging and communicating collections has clearly transformed the way we approach museology and museography. The idea that the viewer can personalize an art collection, accessible from the comfort of home, is now a concrete reality. Based on this premise, the book explores the potential links between the new forms of digital art history and digital museum projects, comparing experiences in museum and art history research between Europe and the United States.The Getty Provenance Index, to which an in-depth study is dedicated, is proposed to illustrate the new research perspectives and implications of such resources in archival and digital museum fields.

Archaeology and social relations meet in the IDENTIS research project
Archaeology and social relations meet in the IDENTIS research project

Thanks to a Marie-Skłodowska Curie Career Restart grant, researcher Mauro Puddu investigated material traces of the past in order to reconstruct the identities and social relations of rural populations in central-western Sardinia in the Roman era. The research project has also led to the exhibition "Shards of the Past, Meanings of the Present", which was inaugurated on 31 August at Ca' Foscari Zattere and will remain open until 30 September 2023.

Welcome message from Daniele Baglioni, Director of the Department

“The Department offers a wide variety of study areas that span different time periods and geographical regions, from Venice and Italy to the entire Mediterranean basin and the Near East. We also have connections to Africa, Latin America, and Oceania. We are open to the world and welcome international students to experience the unique opportunity of studying in the remarkable city of Venice.”

Daniele Baglioni,
Director of the Department of Humanities





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Research areas

The Department of Humanities is an innovative research and development centre that operates in various branches of the humanities, such as history, archaeology, the science of texts and written documents, linguistics, classical literature, Italian literature, cultural and social anthropology, and art history from ancient to contemporary art.

The Department is developing projects and activities in the digital humanities (DH), innovative tools which integrate traditional research and teaching methods. Numerous national and international research projects are financed at the Department every year and contribute to the important scientific achievements of its scientific community.

The Department’s centres and laboratories promote, organise and coordinate its research and training activities. The Department is involved in the interdisciplinary research network Research for Global Challenges.

Research projects
PURA - PURism in Antiquity: theories of language in Greek atticist lexica and their legacy

Researcher: Olga Tribulato;
Lenght: 60 months (31/12/2025)

Water Cultures - The Water Cultures of Italy (1500-1900)

Researcher: David Gentilcore;
Lenght: 60 months (until October 2024)


The Department of Humanities promotes the dissemination of its research through contributions to journals, books, and conference proceedings.