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Current exhibition: "Ca' Foscari: international relations"

From the very beginning, the founders of the Royal School of Commerce (1868) showed a strong interest in and commitment to the internationalization of the Institution, committing themselves in building relationships with other European and non-European business schools. Participation in international congresses and debates on topics of specific academic interest, together with attendance and visits to International Exhibitions, were the main strategies for forging significant and fruitful ties with foreign personalities and institutions. The internationalization activity of the Royal School since its origins was pursued above all in order to raise the educational level by proposing to its students the acquisition of languages other than Western ones (see "Notizie e Dati", 1871 p. 95), now by organizing tours or financing scholarships for trips abroad for its own students, now by hosting delegations of foreign students.

Exhibits - theca 1  Participation in international exhibitions and relations with Japan: at the twilight of the twentieth century.

Congrés International des Orientalistes in Paris (1873): excerpt with dedication to F. Ferrara

Francesco Ferrara, a pioneer of commercial teaching and the first director of the Royal School of Commerce, was personally involved in the development of Oriental languages at Ca' Foscari. This excerpt from the Congrés International des Orientalistes in Paris (1873): Ai iti ran : l'indigojaponais : culture et préparation was given by the same French translator to Ferrara. On the bottom there is the dedication: "A Monsieur le Commandeur Ferrara. Hommage respectueux dutraducteur. Em. Bournouf."

2 - Exposition universelle in Vienna (1873): Japanese album.

In the fall of 1873, the idea of offering a Japanese language course became a reality. In the same year, the Japanese diplomatic mission led by Ambassador Iwakura Tomomi (1825-1883) went to Venice and established the Consulate General of Japan. It is therefore likely that the precious Japanese Album (a special attachment to the "Notice sur l'empire du Japon et sur saparticipation à L'Exposition universelle de Vienne, 1873") was donated to the library of the Royal School on that occasion. The presence of copies of this album is known only in Tokyo and Vienna. As it can be seen from the photos, the album served to show a preview  - not only of the objects - but also of the arrangement of the materials in the pavilions of the international exhibition.

3 - Proceedings of the International Congress on Business Education 1899

The active participation of Ca' Foscari professors in the various international congresses, in particular their assiduous presence at the international congresses on commercial teaching, meant that between 4 and 8 May 1899 the event was held in Venice, in the halls of Ca' Foscari Palace, under the chairmanship of Alessandro Pascolato. From the report of the Bulletin, May 1899, p.37 : "The congress was officially attended by the governments ofArgentina, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Greece, Luxembourg, Norway,Holland, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland and Hungary".

4 - a Japanese language: theoretical-practical grammar of the spoken language, 1911 by Terasaki Takeo

A great contribution to the development of Japanese language teaching in Venice was made by Terasaki Takeo, a native speaker who taught Japanese at the Scuola from 1908 to 1922, albeit in alternating periods. Of great importance is his Theoretical-practical grammar of the spoken Japanese language (1911), in whose preface we find the names of the first Japanese professors who succeeded one another in the chair of Japanese language at the Scuola: Yoshida Yōsaku in1873-1875 (who was interpreter at the Japanese embassy in Venice and was later an official of theMinistry of Foreign Affairs in Tokyo), Ogata Korenao in 1876-1877 (died in Venice), the painter Kawamura Kiyō in 1878-1881, the sculptor Naganuma Moriyoshi in 1881-1887 (author of the portrait of Ogata carved on his tomb in the cemetery of San Michele), Itō Heizō in 1887-1888 (a Ca' Foscari student, before being a lecturer there; he returned to Japan and became a professor of Italian literature in Tokyo), up to Terasaki Takeo (1908-1922).

4 - b, Photo by Terasaki Takeo (reproduced from Album Fradeletto, 1921)

Exhibits - theca 2  International students: an exemplary foreign alumnus and various reports of visiting student delegations in the first half of the 1900s

5 - Yakir Behar publications

Yakir Behar (Istanbul 1890) - one of the former foreign students most closely associated with the Royal School. Matriculated in 1908 and graduated with honors in 1913, his thesis was published in 1914 with the support of Luigi Luzzatti. The pamphlet Bene Bérith reproduces a lecture given on November 28, 1920 to the Jewish Cultural Circle of Venice and to the one of Ferrara on December 29, 1920; it reports on the caption a handwritten note: " To the Library of the Association Primo Lanzoni among the Ancient Students of the Royal School of Commerce of Venice. Venice, 25.7.22, Yakir Behar".

6 - Letter from the Rector to the Ministry of National Education: 1 July 1937

At the request of the Ministry of National Education, the Rector Agostino Lanzillo sets out in detail the ways in which the international relations of the Royal School are to be expanded, and lists which teachers are most interested in being involved (point e), as well as the foreign universities that fall within the School's interests (points a and b): "(a)The Venice Higher Institute, which consists of a Faculty of Economics and Business, and a Modern Languages and Literature Section, wishes to enter into relations with French, English, German, and North American Universities of Philology and Letters, and with the corresponding Universities and Institutes of Economics and Business of those countries. b) The creation of relationships with the Egyptian University of Cairo, the Jewish University of Jerusalem, the University of Algiers, and the Universities of South America, especially Argentina and Brazil, would be of particular interest to the Royal School of Venice."

7 - a, February 18, 1938, letter from the Ministry of Education about a delegation of students from Chile

These informative letters are testimony of the centralized actions of the regime to strengthen international relations: the Ministry itself followed up and channeled student delegations to the University Institutes.

7 - b, July 28, 1938, letter from the Ministry of Education about a delegation of students from Japan

8 - Informational flyers: Summer Courses for Foreigners (1939)

As was the case in many Italian university towns, between 1938 and 1942, the Royal School of Economics and Commerce of Venice, together with the National Institute for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries (IRCE), promoted weeks of summer courses in Italian culture for foreigners. On display, the information brochure of the 1939 edition (see also Bollettino, 130, p.35). 

9 - a, 1 July 1952. Background on female students visiting from the University of Georgia

In the immediate post-war period, study trips from foreign universities involving Ca' Foscari continued. Rector Luzzato, having been informed of the imminent arrival in Venice of 28 American students from the University of Georgia, Faculty of Modern Languages, by USIS (United StatesInformation Services) of Venice, arranged for them to be assisted by Ca' Foscari students chosen by Prof. Carlo Izzo.

9 - b, 4 July 1952. Letter from the Rector Gino Luzzatto

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