Ca' Foscari: three million euros to student financial aid and services


Ca' Foscari University of Venice invests in the right to education. The University will implement new economic measures to complement state and regional funding with its own funds, allocating a total of 3 million euros over the current three-year period. The forecast expenditure is 1 million euros per year starting from the academic year 2023/24.
The measure, on the agenda since December 2023, was unanimously approved during today's meeting of the University Board of Governors.
"With this action," says Rector Tiziana Lippiello, "we have pursued two objectives: to ensure a more scholarships and thus guarantee the University’s ongoing commitment towards students and their right to education and truly equal opportunities. This measure has a considerable impact on our budget but we support it wholeheartedly. Ca’ Foscari’s Board of Governors urges the allocation of the state and regional funding for deserving and underprivileged students".
The measure is part of an overall plan investing in both student financial aid and student services. Further concrete actions will be developed over the upcoming months, with a plan covering dedicated spaces for studying and socializing, residences, classrooms and canteens.
"We have freed up additional resources for this purpose," says the Rector, "and we demand the right to education, i.e. student financial aid and services, to become a priority at the national and regional level. Education is a primary asset and a pull factor for students from Veneto, Italy and abroad, attracting new talents and bringing social and economic development to our region and our country.