Meet the World of Work, join the Career Day on November 14th and 16th, 2023


Career Day is the main recruiting event at Ca' Foscari, providing an extraordinary opportunity for students to make their entry into the world of work. It allows them to connect with companies from various sectors, obtain information about a variety of professional profiles and possible careers and, most importantly, to participate in informational interviews for numerous job openings.

The 16th edition will take place over two days: on November 14th at the Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista in Venice, and online on November 16th. This dual format will allow the participation of Italian and international companies and organizations representing a broad range of industries: from technological innovation to finance, from the environment to arts and culture, from fashion to food.

To participate in either day, you will need to register and submit your cv through the M.I.T.O. platform of the AlmaLaurea Consortium. Please check the Career Day ebook [ITA] to learn more about the history and open positions of participating companies, and make sure you register by November 10th on

To best prepare for the University 'job fair,' you can also join the 'Direzione Career Day' events, a series of webinars featuring company presentations and career orientation, starting on November 6th, 2023. Explore the complete program on the dedicated webpage.

Every year, Career Days have helped many students find employment in fields related to their university education. Melissa Anne Herlitz, an American student who is about to graduate in Environmental Humanities can continue her career in Italy thanks to an interview she had during a Career Day.

Melissa, now a Sustainability Specialist at Stiga, shares her story: "Before moving to Venice, I worked for eight years in New York in urban planning, with a particular focus on communities affected by rising sea levels.

However, I began to feel a growing frustration with the sector and its slow response to the environmental crisis. I had lost my passion for my work and was seeking a radical change. Searching online, I discovered Ca' Foscari's Master's programme in Environmental Humanities. I was immediately struck due to a video presentation featuring the writer Amitav Ghosh, a great inspiration to me.

During my time in Venice I realized that I wanted to stay in Italy, and I started thinking about finding a job here. I learned about Ca' Foscari's Career Day and seized the opportunity. Although my Italian is not yet perfect, I signed up to meet as many companies as possible.

One of them was Stiga, the company I currently work for. They believed in me and my potential from the beginning: two days after the Career Day interview, they offered me a position in their sustainability department. Stiga manufactures lawnmowers and other garden tools, but it has a proactive approach and is very aware of environmental and social issues.

In my capacity as a Sustainability Specialist, I collect and analyse data on various sustainability aspects, so that we can inform stakeholders of our progress. I also support ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) meetings, help the company keep up with new European regulations, and train internal staff.

To those participating in the upcoming Career Day or to the other recruiting events, I feel like saying that companies appreciate a wide array of skills and backgrounds: don't ever think that there may not be a role for you. Put yourself out there, speak with as many companies and people as possible, explore different career opportunities, nurture your passions, and share them with everyone!"

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