International College 9 places for Master's degree students and a new Major


Open call at Ca’ Foscari International College for the academic year 2023/2024: 9 places are available for students from Italy and abroad intending to enrol in the first year of the master's degree at Ca' Foscari.

The College reaches out to deserving students, offering accommodation at the Camplus residence in Santa Marta and a customised programme that includes specific in-house  interdisciplinary courses, practical workshops and additional cultural activities aimed at enriching theory and specific skills.

If you are planning to enrol in a Master's degree course at Ca' Foscari for the next academic year, you can apply for the International College by 5 July 2023, provided you meet the following requirements:

  • being under 26 years of age
  • if you are from another university, you must have completed your BA according to schedule, or be about to graduate according to schedule 30 September 2023,
  • if you are currently enrolled  at Ca' Foscari University of Venice, you must be graduating by the autumn session 2023,
  • Knowledge of English: at least B2 level. For international students, knowledge of Italian: at least B2 level, except for students enrolled in degree courses taught only in English.

A motivation letter in English must be enclosed in your application.


What's new

As of the next academic year, there will be two Majors (two-year college courses) reserved Master’s Degree students:

  • in Social Sciences, the new Major in Policies and Institutions for Social Impact, to study the influence of norms and governance on the behaviour of markets, organisations and public or international bodies.
  • The Major in World Cultures and Heritage (first activated last year) offers a critical understanding of world cultures, in different historical periods and geographical areas, through a wide-ranging study of philosophical perspectives, literary works and cultural heritage.

If you have attended an Honors programme during your Master’s Degree at either Ca’ Foscari on one of the 9th other Italian Scuole Superiori di Ateneo, these Majors can provide you with a title equivalent to a professional master’s diploma (2nd level)  provided for in Art. 2 of DM MUR 1093/2021.


Cultural programme at the International College

Ca’ Foscari’s International College offers a rich customised cultural programme for master's degree students. In addition to the Majors, it includes:


  • a 6 CFU/ECTS course in History of the Modern Scientific Cultures;
  • the possibility to choose a subject course from one of Ca’ Foscari’s PhD programmes and enjoy a higher level educational experience;
  • a  6 CFU/ECTS master's thesis, intended as a scientifically in-depth interdisciplinary work, to be presented in a public examination following the academic degree.

One of the 9 available places is funded, with a two-year voucher, by the Alfonso Coin Foundation, which has always been supporting Ca’ Foscari students.