Two new agreements with the Universities of Fudan and Xiamen


Ca' Foscari is entering a growing number of international agreements with prestigious partners from all over the world. During her recent mission to China, Rector Tiziana Lippiello signed two agreements with important academic institutions: Fudan University of Shanghai and Xiamen University in the Fujian province.

These two initiatives open up new possibilities for networking and growth; while providing study-exchange opportunities as well as teaching and scientific collaborations, they promote interdisciplinary dialogue and exchanges which will benefit and involve students, faculty and administrative staff.

The new agreements will foster international educational opportunities such as exchanges, summer schools, language courses, internships, and joint academic programmes. Knowledge transfer will be promoted through publications, conferences, and seminars, and through easier and more frequent exchanges between faculty with similar interests.
A mobility programme will also be available for administrative staff - an opportunity to enrich their professional career and to compare skills, good practices and working methods.

On the first part of her trip, the rector visited Fudan University, where she studied during her years as a university student. During her visit, Rector Lippiello met with President Jin Li, and signed the Memorandum of Understanding.

On 28 April prof. Lippiello met with the Secretary of the Party Committee of Xiamen University, Zhang Rong, and signed the second Memorandum of Understanding. The visit to Xiamen University was also an opportunity to share and present Ca' Foscari's plans for the celebration, in 2024, of the 700th anniversary of Marco Polo's death.