Venice, Brussels and Cergy, first stops in the Cities of EUTOPIA podcast


Ten cities, ten universities, and an endless number of research topics. EUTOPIA is more than an alliance among universities: it is a network of people, a new reality. It is a place that we want to put on the map with a podcast as a guide: Cities of EUTOPIA.

In the 10 episodes of the podcast, published on Radio Ca’ Foscari in English, researchers from each university will describe their city through the lens of research. The programme aims to become a way to talk about research on an international level, as well as a way for all of us to get to know places we’ve never been to before, and perhaps even to rediscover our own city with a fresh perspective.

EUTOPIA: a network of European universities

EUTOPIA is an alliance of 10 European universities on a mission to develop international and innovative pedagogical models and research projects. It was created in 2019 with the aim to improve the competitiveness of European universities on an international level and to place students at the centre of university life.

Ca’ Foscari joined EUTOPIA in 2021. Radio Ca’ Foscari is now launching the Cities of EUTOPIA podcast in collaboration with the other universities of the alliance. 

Researchers describe our cities: about Cities of EUTOPIA

The goals, activities, and achievements of the EUTOPIA alliance need to be shared among the members of our communities. This podcast aims to do so by taking our cities as a starting point for exploring our network.

Each university is part of a particular urban context, and its specificity deserves to be described and explored. Cities are hubs for cultural, environmental, historical, economic, social and commercial connections. Cities are the places in which the very concept of university originated, and cities are where universities can grow — and help people to grow. An alliance of universities is an alliance of cities, and our alliance is a region that we call EUTOPIA.

It is the voices of our researchers that draw the map of EUTOPIA. Through the lens of research, they talk about their cities, describing them and suggesting new possibilities. Cities of EUTOPIA is a sort of “scientific” guide to our cities, leading us to discover not only each city, but also the context that surrounds it. It is an audio guide for each of the cities of the alliance.

When and how to listen to Cities of EUTOPIA 

The episodes of Cities of EUTOPIA are streamed on Mondays at 12:30 on Radio Ca’ Foscari, starting on 20 June 2022. Shortly after, each episode becomes available as a podcast on the main platforms ((Spreaker, Spotify, Google Podcast, just to name a few).

The first episode on Venice is already online. The second episode on Brussels will be online on Monday 27 June at 12:30 on Radio Ca' Foscari, while the third episode on Cergy-Pontoise will air on Monday 4 July at 12:30.