Art Night Venezia scheduled for Saturday 18 June 2022


The 11th edition of Art Night Venezia has been scheduled for Saturday 18 June. The event is organised by Ca’ Foscari University of Venice in collaboration with the Municipality of Venice and with the support of the Veneto Region.

The number of institutions that are participating in the event is increasing and this year will amount to 119 local entities that will offer visitors the opportunity to participate in tours and see shows and events that will animate the evening. As always, all the events connected with Art Night will be free of charge.

Have a look at the programme and book a place at

This year, too, Venezia News is collaborating with Ca’ Foscari by providing a digital map that can be downloaded via a QR code available on all the posters and leaflets of the event. The map will be a valuable tool for visitors to ‘travel’ from one place to another during the series of events. The map can be accessed on a computer and on mobile devices with geolocalisation, allowing users to know what is happening at a stone’s throw. The service will be active from 8 June 2022.  

As usual, Art Night will be inaugurated at 18:00 in Ca’ Foscari’s courtyard, with the participation of Silvia Burini (scientific coordinator) and Angela Bianco (Art Night Venezia coordinator). 

In Ca’ Foscari’s courtyard, visitors can see Last Whispers, a site-specific installation by Lena Herzog which serves as a reminder of the languages that have become extinct or that are endangered. The courtyard will also host an activity for children,  Ca’rte lab Conosci Venezia? — an artistic/linguistic game during which Venice will be described through images that will be ‘translated’ into a mixture of Italian and Ukrainian. Booking is required (

At 19:00, Ca’ Foscari will feature Voce alla Natura, a surprising performance by artist and environmental activist Freak of Nature, who has already left some green streaks on the windows of shops that are closed or unused. The artist’s mission is to use art as a social ‘megaphone’ to highlight every form of neglect. She does so by painting in her studio and by adding colour to ‘eco monsters’ to denounce these situations. Freak paints clearly recognisable natural elements, such as bamboo canes, leaves, water, trees and grass. In recent times her view of ‘neglect’ has come to encompass human neglect, as well. 

At 19:30, writer and translator Paolo Nori will hold a conversation on “How we speak when we speak about love: a reflection on the language of feeling”. Mr Nori has translated and curated a number of novels by Russian authors such as Puškin, Gogol', Turgenev, Tolstòj, Čechov, Dostoevskij, Chlenikov, Charms and Venedikt Erofeev. He also teaches translation from Russian into Italian at the Department of Humanities of Iulm university (Milan).

At 20:30 and at 21:30 Ca’ Foscari will host Dewey Dell. URLANTE RUGGENTE STRIDENTE 2022, a site-specific performance for the Public Program devised for Padiglione Italia alla 59. Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte - La Biennale di Venezia, promoted by Direzione Generale Creatività Contemporanea del Ministero della Cultura and curated by Eugenio Viola Public Program with coordinator Adriana Rispoli.  Dewey Dell is a dance and performing arts company founded in 2006 by Teodora Castellucci, Agata Castellucci, Demetrio Castellucci and Eugenio Resta.

Art Night will come to an end in Ca’ Foscari’s courtyard between 22:30 and 23:30 with the site-specific, audio-visual installation Last Whispers by Lena Herzog. Ca’ Foscari is also hosting her project Last Whispers: Immersive Oratorio for Vanishing Voices, Collapsing Universes and a Falling Tree, which focuses on the extinction of languages and is curated by Silvia Burini, Maria Gatti Racah, Giulia Gelmi, Anastasia Kozachenko-Stravinsky  (Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage). The project includes two separate components: the site-specific installation in Ca’ Foscari’s courtyard and an immersive virtual reality experience at Tesa 1 di CFZ (open to the public between 18:00 and 23:30).

During Art Night, visitors will be able to participate in the tours held by Ca’ Foscari Tour. Students/tour guides will guide visitors through Ca’ Dolfin (with the magnificent hall dedicated to Silvio Trentin) and Ca’ Foscari (with the wonderful Aula Mario Baratto, a room that offers one of the best views of the Grand Canal and the Rialto Bridge). The tours are scheduled as follows: Aula Baratto tours at 18:30 and 19:45, Ca’ Dolfin tours at 18:45 and 19:45. Book your tour by sending an email to cafoscaritour@unive.

On Sunday 19 June, Art Night is organising “Le petit déjeuner en blu - Mix Prints&Stripes dell’archivio Malìparmi”, in collaboration with MALìPARMI. At 9:30 there will be a site-specific performance by Freak of Nature, while at 10:30 there will be “Verde e Blu”, a laboratory for children aged 5 to 11.


Antonio Marcomini, Deputy Vice-Rector of Ca' Foscari University of Venice: "Artr Night allows citizens, students and everyone who happens to be in Venice to spend the night enjoying beauty and the extraordinary variety of art that Venice has to offer. It is an immersive experience that is made possibly thanks to the collaboration of various institutions."

Paola Mar, Assessor of the City of Venice: "Art Night is a celebration for Venice. It offers people a chance to see fascinating places, to learn, and to interact with other citizens, students and institutions. Even people who just happen to be in Venice at that time can become involved and enjoy the magic of the evening. Many institutions and buildings belonging to the Municipality of Venice will be open, including cinemas, theatres and museums. In Mestre, the Vez library will be open after hours and, thanks to a collaboration with the Buskers festival of Ferrara, there will be an artistic happening between Via Piave and Piazza Ferretto. This is an example of urban regeneration thanks to the planning of events and the participation of shops, young people and artists."

Silvia Burini, Scientific Director of Art Night Venezia: "We are the only Italian university that hosts a night for art. This year there are over 115 contributing entities and this makes us proud. Our commitment to the environment has prompted us to avoid printing a paper map and to offer a digital version instead. This year's Art Nigh also includes some activities scheduled for Sunday morning."