International College: applications for postgraduate students are open

Ca’ Foscari’s International College, the university “honours college” for high-achieving students, is selecting 8 students of any nationality who wish to start their postgraduate degree in the academic year 2021/2022.

Learn about admission requirements in the call for applications.  


Italian and international students will be selected in July 2021. You must send your application by 8 July. On 13 July, students will receive the results of the pre-evaluation phase and information regarding their admission to the interview, which will be held online.


The College offers financial aid that partially or totally covers fees. The Call is offering 4 vouchers that cover 100% of the fees (9,000 euro) and 4 vouchers that cover over 70% of the fees (6,500 euro). 


Learn about the College as told by its students!

Giovanni Montanari was one of the first students to experience living at the College. In his words, “The College truly enriched my university experience [...] It enabled me to discover a variety of events, presentations and exhibitions that students don’t always get to experience or participate in, so my time at university was really well-rounded. In addition to the cultural aspect, the communal aspect of life at the College was fun and instructive: the island is what you have in common and what defines you. From San Servolo we could also experience life in Venice, from a privileged point of view.” 

Why should you choose the College? According to Chiara Caporuscio, who is currently a researcher in the Philosophy of Psychiatry in Berlin, there are many reasons to become a member: “First of all, San Servolo is a wonderful island and it has a fascinating history. Secondly, the communal life at the College really transforms you as a person – I know that if I hadn’t met some of those people along the way, today I would be a different person. Thirdly, I believe that the sooner we start asking ourselves questions about interdisciplinarity, the sooner we will achieve it. Fourthly, the College’s atmosphere is unique: to this day after I meet a deadline I think about how lovely it would be to relax on San Servolo, watching the sunset from the pier.”  

Read more about our International College in the interviews with Giovanni Montanari, Federica Bartolozzi, Gerolamo Nidasio, Valentina Carrara e Chiara Caporuscio (all interviews are in Italian). 

Future members of the College will live on a dynamic campus on the beautiful island of San Servolo. They will participate in a personalised cultural programme that involves interdisciplinary courses, laboratories and additional cultural activities. 

College students will also have the opportunity to meet teachers and students from Venice International University (VIU), a consortium of international universities that attracts people from all over the world, scholars and students that meet in events, conferences, and summers schools on all areas of knowledge. 

The multidisciplinary approach that characterises the College makes it a place where students learn to embrace the diversity of skills and reasoning that are typical of different subjects and to develop skills that are invaluable for the world of work.

The College’s cultural programme is in English and students are strongly encouraged to be open to the world, at the College and during periods of study or internships abroad.

Author: Francesca Favaro / Translator: Joangela Ceccon