Photograph by Alexandra Mozgalyova (Moscow)

C-MIMUN 2021: two honourable mentions for Ca’ Foscari’s delegation

From 18 to 23 April 2021, a delegation from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice participated in Churkin Moscow International Model United Nations (C-MIMUN), a simulation of the UN organised by MGIMO University of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. 

Moscow’s university is a reference point for international studies in Russia and Eurasia. Teams from all over the world participate in the simulation, working in English, French, Russian, Arabic and Chinese. 

Moscow University is the reference for international studies in Russia and Eurasia. The simulation involves teams from all over the world, working in English, French, Russian, Arabic and Chinese. 

Ca’ Foscari’s delegation, led by Professors Fabrizio Marrella, Sara De Vido and Patricio Barbirotto as Faculty Advisors, distinguished itself by merit, obtaining two honorable mentions which were conferred to Anush Zakharyan and Anca Alexandra David, despite the difficulties related to online participation. 

In fact, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the simulation took place in dual mode, with morning and afternoon sessions which engaged the delegates in debates on topical issues. Thus, the Economic and Social Council discussed possible programmes for social and economic rehabilitation following armed conflicts in the Middle East and Africa; the Human Rights Council discussed the rights of indigenous peoples in the context of internal and cross-border migration; the United Nations Environment Programme explored innovative methods for sustainable consumption and production; the International Civil Aviation Organization discussed post-pandemic economic measures to support civil aviation.

The winners of the honourable mentions described this experience in their own words: 

"I had already participated in other UN simulations in Italy and the United States, both as a participant and as a member of the organizing committee (in the Venetian simulations VeUMUN and VeUMEU). However, C-MIMUN was a different experience, a wonderful opportunity to better understand the Russian approach to international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations. Even though, because of the pandemic, our delegation was unable to participate in person in Moscow, participating online was an interesting experience. The awards we received show that commitment and diligence are always rewarded" Alexandra David

"C-MIMUN was definitely a big event, with a considerable number of committees. Even though we had to participate online, we were able to interact with the other delegates, which allowed me to work and cooperate with them. The best thing about events like this is that you can apply the concepts of international law you have studied. You can gain valuable first-hand experience of these dynamics - and that’s something that doesn’t happen every day” Anush Zakharyan

Author: Rachele Svetlana Bassan / Translator: Joangela Ceccon