The physics of financial networks to interpret crises and green transition

An article published in the scientific journal Nature Review Physics carries out the first comprehensive review of Financial Networks, an exciting interdisciplinary field. Professor Guido Caldarelli coordinated the study which involved, among others, Professor Stefano Battiston.

Giving a voice to an endangered language: "L'Isola" project on Yonaguni

The Dunan language, spoken on the Japanese island of Yonaguni, is disappearing. This is the focus of the project L’Isola by artists Anush Hamzehian and Vittorio Mortarotti, who were accompanied in their experience  by Prof. Heinrich from DSAAM. We interviewed the professor about the project and the research and translations that surrounded it.

Without adaptation to climate change, 25% of global crop yields at risk

According to a study by Boston University, Ca' Foscari and CMCC, climate change could reduce global crop yields by 10% by mid-century and 25% by century’s end, under a vigorous warming scenario, if farmers cannot adapt better than they did historically. 

Professor Dähnhardt on India’s second wave of COVID-19

At the start of the pandemic, India seemed to be facing the crisis better than other countries. However, the second wave of COVID-19 has hit India with a brutal force. Thomas Dähnhardt, professor of Modern Languages and Literatures of the Indian Subcontinent at the Department of Asian and North African Studies, comments on this situation. 

Ice Memory mission accomplished: 10,000 years of climate "memory" preserved

The mission by CNR, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and PSI (Switzerland) has extracted two core samples over 80m long from Colle Gnifetti, at 4,500m. One of the cores will be stored in Antarctica for future studies.

Ice Memory: the mission on Monte Rosa has started

The Italian-Swiss team is currently working at 4,500m. Adverse weather conditions had caused the international mission of Ice Memory on Monte Rosa to slow down. 



A LISt laboratory
Italian Sign Language at Ca' Foscari: 1000 experts in 20 years

The rights of people with disabilities have been upheld: on 19 May 2021, the Italian Parliament approved Article 34-ter of the “Decreto Sostegni” (“Relief Decree”), with which the Italian Republic “recognises, promotes and protects the Italian Sign Language (LIS) and the Tactile Italian Sign Language (LISt)”. LIS and LISt interpreters are now recognised as specialised professionals in translation and interpretation.

MadLand: a study on madness in fairy tales and psychiatry in the 1800s

In the research project “MadLand”, Alessandro Cabiati, Marie Curie fellow at Ca’ Foscari and Brown University, will analyse the representation of madness in 19th-century fairy tales and psychiatry. 

Bilge Yabanci: “democratic backsliding” in Turkey and around the world

What is the so-called 'democratic backsliding' found in political regimes in which democracy is limited and authoritarian tendencies are strong? Researcher Bilge Yabanci will be able to carry out her project precisely on this topic, thanks to a "Marie Skłodowska-Curie" Global Fellowship.