PerFORMARE EmotivaMENTE (that encompasses “Competency lab” and the course “Emotional competencies and individual development”) has been included in the short list of the best didactic projects in the session “Nurturing Employability” at the international competition “Reimagine Education” organized by  Wharton – University of Pennsylvania, SEI Center for Advanced Studies in Management, QS Stars.


The work environment is the place in which the importance of an intelligence that is not just logic and abstract, but a harmonious combination of different capacities is more clearly manifested. These capacities include the ability to establish constructive relationships, to trust visceral sensations – when needed –  , to grasp emotional links between people enhancing the positive ones and diverting the destructive ones.”

Daniel Goleman, Working with Emotional Intelligence, Bantam Books, 1998.

What Leadership is

Leadership is a 6 6 ECTS credits course for all students enrolled in a Master’s Degree Programme. During the academic year, the course is delivered in English in the third period and in Italian in the fourth period.

The course aims to lead the participants in an exciting journey through the meaning and the practice of leadership. Participants will be able to recognize the components of the leadership process and evaluate the theoretical approaches to leadership and understand how they have evolved over time. They will become aware of their personal leadership styles and practice in real-life contexts different leadership behaviors that can be adopted to build resonant relationships. 

Contents and didactic methods

  • Leadership and management
  • The leadership process
  • Leadership theories
  • Resonant leadership styles
  • Self-leadership
  • Inspirational leadership: Elaborating and communicating a compelling vision
  • Aggregating leadership: Creating a sense of belonging to the team
  • Supportive leadership: Developing followers
  • Participative leadership: Promoting a democratic decision-making process
  • Setting goals
  • Leading change

The course is characterized by a highly interactive teaching and the use of an online platforms that provide advanced tools for individual assessment, feedback report and study materials. The learning approach relies on a strong experiential component in order to allow participants not only to acquire the knowledge associated with the exercise of leadership but also to support them in practicing the leadership behaviors during the course. In particular, the teaching methods include:

  • reflective learning through the ability to assess one's leadership styles, develop learning plans and write a learning journal;
  • collaborative learning through peer coaching and teamwork;
  • learning through role models aimed at stimulating the critical analysis of effective behaviors in the exercise of leadership;
  • experiential learning through the practice of leadership behaviors in everyday contexts.

Earn Open Badge with CFCC

What is an Open Badge?

Open Badge (OBI - Open Badges Infrastructure) is an open technical standard, developed by Mozilla Foundation, and adopted by more than fourteen thousand organizations around the world in order to identify, recognize, gather and narrate the competencies of people.

Each Open Badge is associated with an image which embeds metadata about the skill that the badge represents, the recipient to whom the badge has been issued, how the skill has been assessed, the institutions that assessed it (in this specific case Ca’ Foscari University of Venice for the open badge earnt by the participants of the learning activities offered by the Ca’ Foscary Competency Centre).

In Italy, Open Badges that comply with the standard defined by Mozilla are issued by BERST.

How can they be displayed?

Open Badges can be included in the digital curriculum vitae to recognize your competencies and can be shared across the web, for instance through Linkedin, in order to display your own competency portfolio.

How can they be earnt?

By attending the course Leadership, completing all the assignments and passing the exam you will earn the Open Badge "Soft Skills: Resonant leadership".

Open Badge Soft Skills: Resonant Leadership

Last update: 14/02/2024