European project S.LI.DES 
Smart strategies for sustainable tourism in LIvely cultural DEStinations

The S.LI.DES project is part of the European Interreg Italy-Croatia program and involves 5 cities bordering the Adriatic see (Venice, Ferrara, Bari, Dubrovnik and Sibenik). With a budget of 2.5 million euro, the project aims to develop innovative strategies and policies that help the cultural destinations of the Adriatic area to improve the management of tourism, to reduce the anthropic pressure on the local cultural and natural heritage, to strengthen the enhancement of those resources that more characterized the identity of places (crafts and creative industries), to promote a sustainable tourism and the competitiveness of the local economy based on tourism.

The project began in spring 2019 and will continue until the end of June 2022, with experts from both countries working together to find workable solutions that can be applied to the two coasts of the Adriatic see.

Ciset is one of the 11 partners of the project, coordinated by the Department of Management of the Ca 'Foscari University, together with Ecipa, the Training and Services company of the CNAs of the Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia; the Center for Advanced Studies on Tourism of the University of Bologna; Institut za Turizam - the Croatian Tourism Institute; the Craft College based in Rijeka; the Municipality of Venice; the Municipality of Bari; S.I.PRO - the Territorial Development Agency of Ferrara; the Šibenik Tourist Office and DURA, the Dubrovnik Spatial Development Agency.

In particular, the project includes:

  • the creation of a Smart Destination Ecosystem, a set of dynamic tools to study and monitor tourist flows, connecting the tourism mobility with other mobility and, in particular, allowing a better integration between tourism and intangible and craft heritage, monitoring in a short time the impacts of policies and strategic decisions concerning tourism;
  • the implementation of local experiments to test the Smart Destinations Ecosystem;
  • the development of a common strategy to promote sustainability and economic development in the European tourist destinations, through the promotion of cultural heritage and intelligent management of visitor flows.

Ciset works for the creation of the SMART Ecosystem with the Universities of Venice and Bologna (especially for data relating to mobility) and with the Croatian Tourism Institute (for the system of indicators), Craft College and Ecipa (date hubs and information concerning intangible assets). Its role will be to support the cities in developing the data hub and then the dashboard of indicators of the SMART Ecosystem, which will allow them to monitor the effects of their decisions and to make more informative choices, as well as to support them in defining and implementing pilot actions. 



  • Ca 'Foscari University of Venice (Department of Management)


  • Ciset - International Center for Studies on Tourism Economy (Italy)
  • City of Venice (Italy)
  • Ecipa - Confederal Body of Professional Education for Crafts and Small Businesses (Italy)
  • S.I.PRO.- Development Agency Ferrara (Italy)
  • City of Bari (Italy)
  • University of Bologna - Center for Advanced Studies on Tourism (Italy)
  • Institute for Tourism (Croatia)
  • Craft College (Croatia)
  • DURA - City of Dubrovnik Development Agency (Croatia)
  • Šibenik Tourist Office (Croatia)

Last update: 11/07/2023