Services for companies and institutions

We give value to research and teaching results by fostering collaborative relationships between our researchers and external stakeholders.

With PInK, companies that want to invest in research and innovation or need to find innovative solutions to their challenges can count on the multidisciplinary scientific potential that characterizes Ca' Foscari University. As one of the top Italian universities in terms of quality of research, we develop collaborative projects to transform business needs into opportunities.

The range of services offered can cover from the first steps of competence mapping and contract negotiation, to project development and follow up and the valorisation of results.

Business support services for research

Offer of University patents to potential licensees or buyers

Commissioned projects: on-demand research carried out in the interests of the client

Analysis and tests: the researchers at Ca' Foscari can perform services on commission, including analysis, tests and calibrations, in particular in the fields of chemistry and ecology

Negotiation and stipulation of license and/or transfer contracts and IP clauses

Collaboration in joint projects and laboratories benefiting from the expertise and excellence of Ca' Foscari, facilities and equipment to meet the needs for innovation and research

Support in screening funding opportunities for innovation and for the development of business-university partnerships

Organization of matchmaking events between companies and researchers to meet specific innovation needs

Advice: technical or scientific opinions, on project activities, feasibility studies, technical and scientific support

Researching together: fundable activities

Are there any research topics that your business or entity would like to investigate further? By starting research in partnership with Ca' Foscari, you can finance:

Lasting up to 12 months: a short-term educational path for young graduates, useful for continuing study activities by participating in research projects and/or groups in the post-graduate phase.

For scholars with a degree and/or PhD and a professional scientific curriculum. The research grants, with a minimum duration of 1 year, are advertised in calls for applications. for specific research programmes and areas of research proposed by companies. Businesses and private individuals can support the research activities developed by the University and can increase their visibility on institutional websites by advertising funded research topics.

Postgraduate academic qualification lasting at least three years that represents the highest level of university education. The educational path develops the skills and scientific method necessary for carrying out highly qualified research activities, not only in the academic field but also in public entities and private companies. Ca' Foscari University offers 16 PhD courses in the following areas: Science and Technology, Economics and Management, Languages and Cultures, Arts and Humanities

Advanced qualification courses that allow companies to train their employees on a permanent basis within a PhD research programme. The adjective "industrial" is understood in the broad sense and includes all sectors of the private and public labour market, both profit and non-profit. The educational course is created by mutual agreement between the company and the teaching body of the PhD course involved and foresees both attendance at university courses and the undertaking of research. Two supervisors, one from the university and one from the company, follow the PhD student. More info [ITA]

Institutional collaborations