From a consolidated tradition of economic studies, research at the Department of Economics develops knowledge and understanding of economic phenomena dealing with the complexity of global market scenarios and exploring related social, juridical, ethical and environmental implications.

The main research areas include microeconomic and macroeconomic analysis of real and financial markets, quantitative methods for economic analysis, national and international law, welfare studies and social policies.

Research projects

The Department of Economics manages numerous research projects, both national and international, characterized by a multidisciplinary and innovative approach to those small, medium and large scale applications.

Latest funded projects

WaterLANDS - Water based solutions for carbon storage, people and wilderness

Researcher: Carlo Giupponi; Granth: H2020; Lenght: 01/10/2021 - 30/09/2026; Budget: € 23.631.576,20 (Ca' Foscari: € 517.205,00)

TranspArEEnS mainstreaming Transparent Assessment of Energy efficiency in Environmental social governance ratingS 

Researcher: Monica Billio; Grant: H2020; Lenght: 01/06/2021 - 31/12/2023; Budget: € 1.487.957,50 (Ca' Foscari: € 421.876,25); Website:

ALTER ECO PLUS - Underpinning mainstreaming processes of the Carrying Capacity Limit calculation tool to improve tourism policies and strategies in MED territories

Researcher: Nicola Camatti; Grant: Interreg MED; Lenght: 01/06/2021 - 30/06/2022; Budget: € 400.000,00 (Ca' Foscari: € 106.000,00); Website

VERA Centre

Venice centre in Economic and Risk Analytics for public policies

The Venice centre in Economic and Risk Analytics for Public Policies (VERA) is the Centre of the Department of Economics focusing on big data applied to social welfare and wellbeing, risk analytics and evaluation of public policies.

A primary aim of the Centre is to inform policy makers and to provide scientific support for decisions concerning several policy challenges such as the sustainability of welfare systems, the phenomenon of migration, the effects of climate change, the mitigation strategies of environmental impacts, the emergence of policy and financial instability.

The activities of the Centre will address four of the Ca’ Foscari Research Institutes for Global Challenges (Complexity, Social Innovation, International Studies, Green and Blue Growth) through methodologies and advanced systems based on the use of big data, social networks, georeferencing, experimental data (lab and field experiments).

One of the most important goals is to enhance production and use of big data and to develop economic, mathematical and statistical models applicable to different economic sectors such as agriculture and environment, health, finance and sustainability. These models will be in line with the objectives of industry 4.0 and the digital transformation.

The VERA Centre is funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research [ITA] through the Department of Excellence Project.

System for the Scientific Computing at Ca’ Foscari

The System for the Scientific Computing at Ca’ Foscari (SCSCF) is a set of processors and programs aimed at performing particularly demanding calculations in terms of computing power and storage of large amounts of data, with the goal of satisfying the reasearchers growing needs of the Ca' Foscari University of Venice.

Publications catalogue

The publications catalogue of the Department collects the information from ARCA [ITA], the institutional open-access archive of Ca’ Foscari scientific production. It is also accessible from cerCa, the Ca’ Foscari bibliographic platform.


Mathematical Methods in Economics and Finance - Cover
Mathematical Methods in Economics and Finance

Publisher: Department of Economics, Ca' Foscari University of Venice

Editor: Marco Corazza

Mathematical Methods in Economics and Finance is a peer-reviewed free-access journal containing original and unpublished articles that present theoretical results, methodological contributions and applications in actuarial and financial mathematics, mathematical economics and quantitative finance.

Research in Economics
Research in Economics

Publisher: Elsevier

EditorsMichele Boldrin, David K. Levine

Research in Economics is one of the oldest general economic journals in Europe and publishes important research papers on a wide range of topics. The purpose of the journal is to select original theoretical and empirical articles that will have a high impact in the economic debate.

Ricerche giuridiche - cover
Ricerche giuridiche [ITA]

Publisher: Ca' Foscari Digital Publishing

Editor: Alberto Urbani

Ricerche Giuridiche is an expression of the Phd Project of Higher Education in Legal Sciences and the Legal Studies Centre of the Department of Economics and aims to disseminate in the scientific community the results of research conducted by young scholars (especially Phd and Phd students), but also to host the work of established professors and scholars.

Working in research

PhD Degrees

PhD Degree is the highest level of academic education. It is a limited admission degree programme and lasts for at least three years. It allows graduates to develop methods and skills to pursue highly qualified research.

Research fellowships and grants

Short-term research fellowships allow Master’s Degree graduates to pursue short-term research (less than 12 months normally) including them in existing projects and research groups.

Research grants allow Master’s Degree graduates and PhDs to pursue research activities at the university or in the projects offered to the candidates.
In this section also a list of the ongoing research grants and topics [ITA], including the area research fellowships and the research fellowships on specific projects.

Discover all the other opportunities of international recruitment at Ca’ Foscari: our University is highly committed in achieving excellence in research, developing international partnerships and funding new talents.

Research news

The new post-COVID world: from finance to football

A team of 53 economists has explored past experiences and possible recovery scenarios in various fields of economics, business and finance, creating in just a few weeks the first book on the post-COVID world,  published by Edizioni Ca’ Foscari and downloadable for free online.

COVID-19: 'soft' measures can avoid second peak

Masks and physical distancing can effectively replace the lockdown, averting a second wave of the epidemic, in Lombardy as in London, as shown in a study conducted by Italian economists Dario Palumbo of Ca' Foscari University and Salvatore Lattanzio of the University of Cambridge.  

Kidney transplant, the cost of accounting for patients' preferences

Taking into account patients’ preferences can help speed up the organ allocation process and improve the life quality of the recipients, as shown by a joint study conducted by Ca’ Foscari University and the University of Padua. 

Rush to air conditioning pushed by urbanization and climate change

A new study, led by Ca' Foscari professor Enrica De Cian, has analyzed the dynamics that lead families to resort to air conditioning systems and thermal insulation for their houses. 

2026 Winter Olympics, Ca’ Foscari analyzed the economic impact

Over 1 billion euros in expenses and investments  and and about 14.000 new jobs - these are the estimated numbers for the Milan-Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics, according to a Ca' Foscari study.

More energy needed to cope with climate change

A new study published today in Nature Communications found that by mid-century climate change will increase the demand for energy globally

8 ambitious projects and 2 new women researchers thanks to SPIN

Here are the names of the first 8 winner of the Ca' Foscari 'Supporting principal investigator' grant, an initiative which awarded 552.000 euros to support research.

Expectations: This is how the future changes our present

With this Marie Curie ITN project 15 PhD candidates study the role of expectations: From tax evasion to social networks, from model design to emotions, here is how they are studied.

The elderly: different countries, different assistance

Europeans are living longer and longer, but the number of inequalities in health conditions is increasing, especially among elderly people. This context greatly contributed to increase the importance of both economic and social services addressed to the elderly, especially in terms of public “long-term care”.

Sustainable tourism on the Adriatic Coast, part of the Interreg project

Researchers and local institutions involved in the challenge faced by three regions on the Adriatic Coast (Veneto, Puglia, Istria) and three destinations: Split, Dubrovnik, Venice.

Climate and health, The Lancet publishes Ca’ Foscari’s research for the G7

The prestigious medicine magazine published a report about how the Ca’ Foscari team, alongside the Italian President, have influenced the decisions made at the G7 Health Ministerial Meeting held in Milan in November 2017.

Ca’ Foscari’s Research in the European Top 10 with 15 ‘Marie Curie’ Fellowships

The University Ca’ Foscari of Venice has won 15 ‘Marie Curie’ individual research fellowships, placing it among the 10 European Universities for winning these fellowships, and setting a new Italian record. The overall grant for Ca’ Foscari amounts to 3.2 million euros.

Irene Mammi for #womeninresearch: values and limits of the Italian health system

Irene Mammi is a researcher in econometrics at the Department of Economics at Ca’ Foscari. Her latest research focused on inappropriate use of the ER.

#neocafoscarini: Serena Trucchi from the job market to San Giobbe

Ca' Foscari takes part of the meetings between universities and young economists in London where Serena Trucchi, at the time researcher at UCL, was found to become a researcher in Venice.

How to evaluate museums around the world? Ca’ Foscari introduces a model that was tested in Venice

Researchers at Ca’ Foscari have developed a model to evaluate the management of any museums or cultural institution beyond the mere balance sheets, testing it on the Civic Museums of Venice.

G7 on health, science suggests global action to reduce the impact of climate on health

Decisions that will be taken at the G7 Ministerial Meeting on Health that will be open by Minister Beatrice Lorenzin tomorrow in Milan have followed an intense dialogue with the international scientific community.

Violence towards women: datas, legislation and news. An interview with Sara De Vido

Rimini, Florence, Rome, Lecce are only a few tragic examples of violence against women. Violence is presented by media as the result of a moment of insanity and jealousy. Is that really so?

Tourism and Sharing Economy: research on Airbnb data

Researchers of the Department of Economics have explored that question and presented their results in a public encounter dedicated to the ‘non-traditional’ hospitality industry gathering Sharing Economy and digital technology.

Research at Ca' Foscari on health care and low incomes

Economists of Ca' Foscari University of Venice and of Pavia University publish a paper about Italian personal income tax (Irpef) tax credits and increasing health inequalities.

New opportunities in Veneto through river tourism

Become explorers again, at your own home or in remote places, by slowly gliding on the waterways. The interest in this type of experience grows for more active tourists but also for researchers

Working after infarction, stroke or cancer? Different preferences for men and women

Research based on the stories from 130,000 people over 50 observed in 16 European countries. The researcher: "Targeted policies are more effective". Research published on Labour Economics

Investors and research for green mortgages

Ca’ Foscari partner of the European Action Plan for the funding of energy efficiency in buildings on a larger scale. Today meeting with EU vice-president Katainen

With the new Cluster the research is 10 times faster

Ca’ Foscari researchers have a new working companion, so fast at calculations that it saves weeks of the scholar’s time with mathematic models

STOP violence against women. Conference at Ca’ Foscari on November 25th

In memory of the brutal assassination of the Mirabal sisters, killed on Nov. 25th 1960, the United Nations declared November 25th as the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women" in 1999

Brexit, but what now? The point with Fabrizio Marrella

Prof. Fabrizio Marrella explains the context and the consequences of Brexit.