Publications catalogue

The publications catalogue of the Department collects the information from ARCA [ITA], the institutional open-access archive of Ca’ Foscari scientific production.
It is also accessible from cerCa, the Ca’ Foscari bibliographic platform.

Working in research

PhD Degrees

PhD Degree is the highest level of academic education. It is a limited admission degree programme and lasts for at least three years. It allows graduates to develop methods and skills to pursue highly qualified research.

Research fellowships and grants

Short-term research fellowships allow Master’s Degree graduates to pursue short-term research (less than 12 months normally) including them in existing projects and research groups.

Research grants allow Master’s Degree graduates and PhDs to pursue research activities at the university or in the projects offered to the candidates.
In this section also a list of the ongoing research grants and topics [ITA], including the area research fellowships and the research fellowships on specific projects.

Discover all the other opportunities of international recruitment at Ca’ Foscari: our University is highly committed in achieving excellence in research, developing international partnerships and funding new talents.

Scientific strumentations

JEM-F200 Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope

The new TEM, JEM-F200 by Jeol represents the most advanced and flexible S/TEM without aberration correctors, operating between 80 and 200 kV, equipped with a cold FEG source and EDX system.

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Research areas

Research projects

Drug delivery system based on Luminous Carbon Nanoparticles (CNP)

Acronym: CNP
Call: Selection notice of the research proposals for 2015
Scientific Coordinator: Pietro Riello
Role of UNIVE: Coordinator
Duration: 24 months from 01/11/2015 to 31/10/2017
Overall cost: 70,000 €
UNIVE budget: 50,000 €
Research group UNIVE: Pietro Riello, Benedetti Alvise, Patrizia Canton, Maurizio Selva, Alvise Perosa, Emmanuele Kizito Ambrosi.

HEterogeneous Robust Catalysts to Upgrade Low valuE biomass Streams

PRIN 2015
Project number:  20153T4REF_006
Project coordinator: Michela Signoretto
Role of UNIVE: Unità di ricerca
Duration: 36 months from 05/02/2017 to 05/02/2020
Overall budget: 330,628 € 
Overall MIUR contribution: 221,000 €
UNIVE budget: 51,000 €
MIUR funding to UNIVE: 41,000 €
Cofunding from the university: 10,000 €
Research group UNIVE: Michela Signoretto, Elena Ghedini, Olivo Alberto.

Production of leather making biopolymers from biomasses and industrial by-products through life cycle designed processes 

Project:  LIFE 2015
Acronym: BIOPOL
Project number: LIFE15 ENV/IT/000654
Call: Life environmental and resource efficiency 2015
Scientific Coordinator: Valentina Beghetto
Role of UNIVE: Associated beneficiary
Duration: 36 months from 01/07/2016 to 30/06/2019
Overall budget: 3.756,150 €
UNIVE budget: 198,996 €
Research group UNIVE: Valentina Beghetto, Alberto Scrivanti, Matteo Bertoldini, Roberto Sole.