Degree Programme Regulations

The subject of the degree thesis, relative to the specialised literature/culture/language, is agreed upon with the supervisor, usually chosen by the student between the LLEAP degree programme scholars, leaders of distinguished teaching. The Didactic College reserves the right to evaluate particular cases. The supervisor is linked with an assisting supervisor, an expert on the material.

The thesis should be written in the specialised language. in the Slavic and Balkan Studies Curricula, one part of the thesis can be written in italian in accordance with the supervisor.

The following are the three traditional styles of a degree thesis, that must be on an appropriate scale and produce original results:

  • interdisciplinary critical/interpretive analysis, of the texts investigated. Possible cultural contextualisation (history of literature and of ideas etc.);
  • translation with introduction and critical apparatus;
  • study on important aspects of language, literature and culture relevant to the specialised area.

The thesis should be partially discussed (at least 50%) in the specialised language.
The final degree test will be assigned 29/30 ECTS.

For the assigned points and possible bonus points consult the Bonus Master’s Degree Programme table, valid for students enrolled from 2010/11 Academic Year.

Any experience abroad considered mandatory by the Joint Degree - English and American Literary and Cultural Studies curriculum is excluded in the recognition of internship credits and attribution of bonus points.

Last update: 15/05/2024