Student account and e-mail

Password change / retrieval

The password to access the unive account must be changed at least every 6 months. If you need to change it, you forget it or if it has expired, then you can go to

Authentication system

Thanks to the University Authentication system, all Ca’ Foscari students and doctorates have unique login details (a single username and password) to access online applications and services, such as:

  • email, Google Apps for Education services and Office 365 services (the access to Office 365 is elective)
  • University Personal Area (Career and ESSE3 Services)

Remember not to share your password with anyone, not even with university staff. Any requests for personal passwords is online fraud (phishing). To find out what phishing is go to this site Polizia di Stato [ITA].

E-mail account

Gmail e-mail service

The email service is managed by the operator Google, according to the following user policies: 

The email service is one of many free services available from the operator Google, as part of an agreement with the University.

Duration of student e-mail and related apps

For all Ca’ Foscari students and ex-students, the e-mail, connected Google apps (e.g. Drive) and Office 365 services will be deactivated:

  • if 6 or more months have passed since graduation
  • in case of withdrawal from studies or conclusion of single courses
  • after 4 years without enrolling at the university.

Access to the e-mail account

You can access your email account only via the web address and not via

You will need to type the institutional login details (login and password, the same those used to access the Personal Area of the site) and click on "Access to the service". The password must be entered as supplied, i.e. with alphabetic characters in upper and lower case.

It is possible to activate the forward function from the to an e-mail already in use by clicking on “Settings" and then on “Forward and POP/IMAP" (link on the upper right hand side)  It would be beneficial for the student if all mail to the University came from the address in order to allow the University immediate and unequivocal identification of the sender.

It is possible to set up your preferred “client” e-mail (MS Outlook, Thunderbird etc) to receive and send mail from your student account: instructions for the configuration of receiving e-mails are available at the following web address:

Sending large attachments

In order to send large size attachments, it is possible to use the filesender service.
First, you must effect your login selecting the University (Ca' Foscari University of Venice), then insert your username and password (the same one used to access the personal area on the website). At this point, it is possible to compose an e-mail message and upload the files to send by clicking on the button “choose file”.

Last update: 15/05/2024