29 Apr 2020 17:00

Le chemin de l’image in Renaissance Lyon: digital tools for the study of early modern illustrations

seminario on-line

Relatrice: Barbara Tramelli

The seminar will be held online. If you are interested in participating, please send and email to 

The talk will focus on the study of digital collections of early modern printed books and on the implementation of the Imagematching software in cooperation with the Visual Geometry Group of Department of Engineering Science at University of Oxford. In the research project The Early Modern Illustrated Book in Lyon (Equipex Biblissima/Ca' Foscari), the art historian Barbara Tramelli developed a new methodology for the study of book illustrations, using and implementing for her research Renaissance images two digital tools: the iconographic database of the Warburg Institute (University of London), and the new software of automatic image retrieval, the Imagematching. Starting from the case study of Renaissance Lyon, and focusing on two main printers of the city, namely Jean de Tournes and Guillaume Roville, she will outline how these digital tools are helping art historical research, explaining their features and their usefulness in order to understand the path of the printed image from creation to share -and reuse, the iconographic differences and similarities, as well as the editorial strategies and the artistic choices behind the production of illustrated books, whose popularity grew during the course of the sixteenth century.

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Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici; VeDPH; RI


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