PhD in Management


Prof. Francesco Zirpoli,  coordinator of the Faculty Board

Research fields: Organizational routines, network governance, organization boundary decisions, and the organization of innovation processes.

Teaching Committee

Prof. Giovanni Favero, deputy coordinator of the Faculty Board

Research fields: Organizational history, historical methods for management research, ethnostatistics, accounting history.

Prof. Sara Bonesso

Research fields: Assessment and development of emotional and social competencies in higher education, project-based open innovation, absorptive capacity, behavioral competencies for innovation and entrepreneurship, social capital formation in emerging innovative start-ups.

Prof. Vincenzo Bove

Research fields: Civil-military relations, defence economics, international migration, military interventions, political economics, quantitative methods and terrorism

Prof. Anna Cabigiosu

Research fields: Modularity in design, collaborative innovation, network contract, knowledge intensive business services, dominant design, integration of external sources of innovation.

Prof. Anna Comacchio

Research fields: Organisation, innovation, crowdsourcing, innovative start-ups, human resource management and competencies.

Prof. Michela Cordazzo

Research fields: Financial reporting, international comparative accounting, and market-based accounting.

Prof. Marco Fasan

Research fields: Accounting, Corporate Governance, Sustainability.

Prof. Vladi Finotto

Research fields: Entrepreneurship, evolution of higher education systems, manufacturing-innovation colocation, distributed innovation, strategy.

Prof. Claudio Giachetti

Research fields: Competitive dynamics, corporate strategy, product innovation, imitation, competitive analysis.

Prof. Pietro Lanzini 

Research fields: Consumer behavior, sustainability, sustainable mobility, behavioral spillover, Corporate Social Responsibility.

Prof. Maria Lusiani

Research fields: Management accounting, strategy-as-practice, accounting-as-practice,  qualitative research methods, public and non-profit management.

Prof. Maurizio Massaro

Research fields: Strategy innovation, business model innovation, intellectual capital, knowledge management.

Prof. Christine Mauracher 

Research fields: consumer behavior, agri-food marketing, wine business.

Prof. Anna Moretti 

Research fields:  Network governance, network failure, collaborative innovation, trust, inter-organizational relationships in the automotive industry, tourism destination management and governance.

Prof. Massimiliano Nuccio

Research fields: Digital innovation, business analytics, cultural and creative industries, urban and regional studies

Prof. Gabriele Paolacci

Research fields: Consumer behavior, judgment and decision-making, behavioral research methods.

Prof. Fabrizio Panozzo

Research fields: Sociological and philosophical approaches to management, critical management studies, management of arts and culture, public and nonprofit management.

Prof. Alessandra Perri

Research fields: Innovation strategies in multinational firms and their subsidiaries, knowledge spillover from foreign direct investment, international knowledge sourcing, emerging countries’ technological catch-up, international knowledge networks and connectivity.

Prof. Raffaele Pesenti

Research fields: Logistics, transportation, optimization, mean field games, complex systems, efficiency assessment.

Prof. Ugo Rigoni

Research fields: Bank management, behavioural finance, business sustainability, investment services and securities industry.

Prof. Francesco Rullani

Research fields: self-organized digital innovation, digital impact, social innovation and social entrepreneurship, big data, theoretical elaboration, qualitative case studies and formal modeling.

Prof. Chiara Saccon

Research fields: Financial reporting, international comparative accounting, group accounting, auditing, harmonization and convergence processes in accounting regulation, accounting theories.

Prof. Marco Tolotti

Research fields: Contagion models with applications to credit risk, dynamics of conformism attitudes in random utility models with social interactions, price formation in market games with many interacting and boundedly rational agents.

Prof. Massimo Warglien

Research fields: Laboratory experiments on individual and interactive behaviour, language, culture and cognition, complex systems, digital humanities.

Last update: 26/11/2021