There are two different regulations for taking exams:

  • Mandatory priority Exams: These exams must be taken before any other exam. Any exam taken without having first passed these priority exams will not be taken into consideration. These priority exams will be listed in the frequency plan of your curriculum/degree programme.
  • Prerequisites: These courses are considered as a preliminary preparation that a student must have attended to benefit from the chosen programme. They are listed in each degree programme. The exams taken without having fulfilled these requirements will be taken into consideration unless the courses that were listed as obligatory are also mandatory priority exams.

Please complete the questionnaire before registering for exams

The questionnaire to evaluate the quality of teaching is an anonymous way for you to rate each course for which you want to sit the exam. You must complete this questionnaire online before registering for exams. You can find it in “Esse3”, on your student page, under “Questionnaires”.

The teachers and governing bodies at Ca' Foscari will use the results to improve teaching material, the programme and lesson content. The results of the questionnaires are published annually, in aggregate form.

Registering for exams

Log in to Esse3 (S3) on your student page and register for the exams that are already open for registration.

To view upcoming exams and the relative registration periods, see the registration periods in Esse3.

Find out about upcoming exams and exam sessions

The academic year has two semesters (I and II), with each being divided into two periods (1, 2 and 3, 4). Lessons can last for a period or for a semester and they are always followed by an exam session. The exam session is the period of time in which the individual exams are scheduled.

One month before the exam session starts, advance notice of all exams is provided in the examination calendar: here you can view all dates, locations and other details (but you cannot register).

To check, instead, the start and end dates of the various exam sessions during the academic year and the general distribution of exams within each session, please consult the exam session table.

Inactive courses

Students who have to sit their exams for courses that are no longer running can find information on how to sit their exams and on the available appeals in the online files about the inactive courses [ITA]. To ask for assistance, contact the designated Campus for your course under Presentation > Contacts.


Last update: 04/07/2023