In addition to supporting the definition of agreements and the management of strategic projects, PInK designs projects related to the promotion of innovation, intellectual property and the exploitation of research results, with the aim to participate in national and international funding calls. Our technical staff is involved in international projects related to knowledge transfer and the development of University-Industry relationships.

UIIN - University Industry Innovation Network  Strategic Partnerships Program

PInk staff took part, on behalf of Ca' Foscari University of Venice, to the UIIN - University Industry Innovation Network "Pilot Programme" dedicated to the development of strategic partnerships towards key partners, such as companies and public or private stakeholders. The programme took place from March to August 2021. In this period PInK was guided towards the development of a new strategy to help our university in improving our services and in reaching a higher impact, while adopting efficient models.

The project was realized on one hand through group sessions and seminars with international main business companies, to stimulate the discussion and the exchange of best practices and to better understand the internal state of the art of our strategic partnerships. On the other hand, internal brainstorming and guided sessions led us to the development of a dedicated strategy that considers all stakeholders (academic, university leadership and staff and external entities).

The project led to the definition of a five-year roadmap, to be included in the University strategic plan, as a new guide for future partnerships with particular attention to the Social Sciences and Humanities area.

The programme was attended by international universities and research institutes who are part of UIIN, the network involving over 80 partners to build an active ad log-term interaction between research, industries and society.

Urban GoodCamp (UCAMP)

Ca' Foscari takes part in the international research project UCAMP, to tackle pressing urban challenges by creating and actively engaging urban communities. Ca' Foscari will operate alongside main local stakeholders and a network of seven European cities, with whom to develop solutions and best practices. The project is funded by Erasmus+ KA2 programme: "Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices - Knowledge Alliances" - Grant Agreement number - 621686-EPP-1-2020-1-ES-EPPKA2.

Success in urban development can only be achieved through an integrated approach, where strong partnerships between local citizens, civil society, industry and various levels of government are deemed necessary. The role of HEIs (Higher Education Institutions) is crucial in acting as the anchor to these organizations, and leading transformational change in their urban environments.
The Urban GoodCamp (UCAMP) project aims to empower HEIs and their collaboration with urban stakeholders to develop real-life solutions to their pressing urban challenges. Among the objectives there is the development and implementation of multidisciplinary learning interventions for university students, young researchers and life-long learners.

The project will be conducted in seven European cities – six of which are capital cities: Madrid, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Ljubljana, Paris, Venice, grouped in three areas of urban focus: Circular economy - Waste Management, Urban Biodiversity, and Sustainable Communities.

Venice is a unique city and needs and integrated approach linking the economic, social and environmental perspectives to create a sustainable community; Ca' Foscari's research team has therefore defined as main urban challenges the overtourism, the depopulation and the safeguard of the environment and the lagoon. Along three years, researchers will analyse these challenges with participative project design and co-design techniques, to elaborate possible solutions with the stakeholders involved: local public administration, universities and schools, cultural institutions, industries, residents, workers and students.

Proponent for Ca' Foscari: PInK Office
Scientific advisors: Vladi Finotto, Cinzia Colapinto, Fabio Pranovi
Research fellow: Daniela Pavan
Project partners: Knowledge Foundation Madri+d (Spain), Bespoke (Denmark), Institut Mines Telecom Business School - IMTB (France), University Industry Innovation Network - UIIN) (The Netherlands),  Aalto University (Finland), Institute for Innovation and Development of University of Ljubljana - IRI UL (Slovenia), Advancis (Portugal), Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences - AUAS (The Netherlands)
Duration: 3 years (01/01/2021 - 31/12/2023)

Last update: 28/09/2021