Investment and affiliation

RICAP - Research & Innovation Corporate Affiliates Programme

RICAP - Research & Innovation Corporate Affiliates Programme is the affiliation programme proposed by Ca' Foscari to increase the opportunities for collaboration between the university and businesses.

Innovative companies wishing to invest in Research & Development through RICAP will enjoy privileged channels to engage in numerous partnership possibilities (i.e. research projects, joint laboratories, research grants and fellowships, PhDs including industrial PhDs), all supported by the scientific expertise of one of the best Italian universities and by a dedicated team of technical staff.

Ca’ Foscari and the company develop together the RICAP programme, tailoring it to best meet the business’ needs and expectations.

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Our past affiliates

BRENTA - Bring Research Excellence Nanotherapeutics Theranostic Applications 

This innovative start-up owned by Ninetreesgroup S.p.A. and registered in Montecchio Maggiore (Vicenza) was the first company to become a RICAP affiliate, in 2018.
Engaged in nanotechnology research and in the more general development of technological platforms for applications in the pharmaceutical sector, it began its collaboration with Ca' Foscari by purchasing the patent for "Mesoporous Zirconia Nanoparticles": a nanostructured compound  capable of simultaneously diagnosing and treating specific pathologies, depending on the molecule they carry. The collaboration continued with the co-design of a framework affiliation agreement, in order to respond effectively to the problems and needs presented. In the first year, Brenta srl financed a study grant for the PhD course “Science and technology of bio and nanomaterials” and recruited three young researchers.

Stevanato Group

Since its foundation in 1949, the Group has boasted extensive and significant experience in integrated solutions for the Pharma & Healthcare sectors, in particular in primary glass packaging for pharmaceutical use and in glass processing technologies, but also in a wide range of plastic products and in systems and services, placing itself among the top three global major producers.
Through Nuova Ompi srl, it became the second affiliate of the RICAP programme in 2018. In collaboration with the Ca' Foscari Department of Molecular Science and Nanosystems, it created the "Giovanni Stevanato" Electron Microscopy Center, a joint laboratory. The laboratory boasts a electron microscopy equipment (SEM-FEG Zeiss with electro-optical design, SEM Jeol and TEM Jeol 300 kV for HREM, EDS microanalysis) and instrumentation for the preparation of the samples to be analysed, in order to develop advanced observation techniques of the surface of glass used to contain injectable drugs.
The Group received the award for "Best Innovation in Drug Delivery Device" at the 2019 Pharmapack Awards for its cartridge-based wearable device, the perfect celebration for its seventy years of activity and commitment.

Conditions and benefits

With an annual fee of €20,000, for three years the company will benefit from:

  • At least three "R&I Matchmaking" events in scientific fields of interest to the Affiliate:
    Events aimed at exploring the potential of business-university collaboration, bringing together company representatives and Ca’ Foscari researchers, selected after identifying the topics of interest and scouting the research groups at Ca' Foscari
  • Innovative multidisciplinary laboratories with PhD students/fellows to find solutions to the challenges presented by the Affiliate:
    Young talent (PhD students/fellows), supervised and supported by a group of teachers and mentors, will use innovative methodologies, such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Business Model Canvas to develop original solutions to real challenges and problems presented by the Affiliate
  • Clear agreements on IP management and confidentiality: 
    The methods for managing the data and results of research undertaken within the programme will be agreed upon during the affiliation phase. The clauses on confidentiality and intellectual property will be predetermined and will need only to be implemented by the new agreements, thus eliminating the main causes of slowdown in decision-making and operational processes
  • Activation of research contracts and on-demand consulting:
    In order to develop research of interest to the affiliated company, we can initiate research fellowships and research grants, traditional and industrial PhD courses
  • Preliminary results analysis: 
    State-of-the-art search and prior-art search for the results achieved within the affiliation programme
  • Information support: 
    Information and updates on funding and tax break and incentives foreseen for companies in the field of research and innovation
  • Dedicated and personalized newsletter

Discover Ca' Foscari Alumni

Through RICAP, affiliates can become part of the Ca' Foscari Alumni [ITA] network as supporting companies. The affiliates will benefit from: having their logo on the website and on network communications (over 16,000 members), dedicated focus on all social media channels, Premium Card for the company representative with access to all benefits (i.e. discounts with partners, electronic resources and university libraries), logistical concessions and support in the organization of events, option to use the meeting rooms in Palazzo Foscari and access Eduroam WiFi Network.

Last update: 28/09/2021