Tutoring resources

Practical tools and advice for international degree-seeking students

International students studying in Venice may find some differences in the ways that information is provided or encounter some difficulties with the administrative procedures they are expected to fulfill.
The International Counseling service has devised a series of informative materials to support and advice international degree-seeking students at any stage of their academic career at Ca’ Foscari University.
Here are some helpful tips and suggestions to get familiar with some administrative issues and to discover all the opportunities offered by Ca’ Foscari University to its students.

Glossary for international students

The glossary is a practical tool which can help international students access a wide range of information organized in A-Z order and get an overview of the services offered by Ca’ Foscari University. 

Stduy plan - instructions

OFAs, mandatory exams, electives and surplus credits…what should I include in my study plan? 

Here are some helpful instructions on how to fill in your Study Plan online correctly.

Exams Instructions

How and when to register for the exams, exams' calendar and sessions but also OFA and how to accept or refuse grades. Useful pills to understand the Italian examination system and to plan your university career.

Study-support guides

To be fully satisfied with your university experience, it is necessary to face it with determination and good preparation since its very beginning.
The videos included in this section have been created by the Guidance and Tutoring Office, in order to provide Ca’ Foscari students and University Tutors with useful self-learning tools, easy to consult. The courses are focused on the main strategies that are to be adopted in order to acquire an effective study method and to improve self-awareness, to take advantage from your talents and to find out which skills and competences should be further developed for succeeding in University. 

Strategies and study methods

This section’s videos and texts present study abilities, strategies and hints for reflection useful to improve study-planning. It is important to have a general overview of all these materials, as even the most frequently used techniques (some of which you might be already familiar with), can contribute to improve your personal study-planning and your motivation to study.

How to succeed in your exams

Soft Skills for project management

Soft skills (better known in Italian as ‘interdisciplinary skills’) include all the distinguishing features and characteristics that influence someone’s behavior and that are necessary to perform effectively. Since these skills are interdisciplinary, they can be of operational, interpersonal or cognitive kind. As any other skills, even soft skills can be acquired and reinforced with practice. The videos and texts here presented aim at describing some of these skills.

Discovering and developing your soft skills

Last update: 15/05/2024