Sciences in Venice and tips for students

Master’s Degree Programmes in Environmental Sciences

Educating excellence, dedicated to scientific research and quality services.

A university with a long history, but always dedicated to innovation and development.

A devoted university embedded in the territory, but open to national and international context.

Multidisciplinary experiences on campus

The Master’s Degree programme curricula allows students to acquire understanding and experience of different aspects of environmental sciences with an interdisciplinary approach that involves different topics relative to: agriculture, technology and management; biology; chemistry; earth sciences; ecology; law, economics and evaluative fields.

Laboratories: you will not be limited to theoretic study only, but will be able to access the new laboratories on the Scientific Campus, perfect for applying and deepening your practices of techniques and methods of analysis acquired on the theoretical programmes.  

Campus Experience: the Master’s Degree programme includes different campus experiences with which you will be able to deepen your theoretical study and acquire specialist skills in a dynamic and interactive way.

The Scientific Campus

Campus: You will spend your period of time studying and living in the new Scientific Campus [IT] in Mestre, a completely modern building at a ten minute walk from the Porto Marghera train station, complete with classrooms, didactic laboratories, a library and an auditorium. The Campus is also a place to meet and socialize, with a garden and two bars available to the students.
The Campus is strategically placed half way between Venice and Mestre. You can refer to the University Housing Office to look for accommodation.

Library: the Scientific Library (BAS) [IT] is distributed over 4 floors with wi-fi, 134 available seats, as well as tables with computer power sources. Students also have 4 study rooms available to them to organize group work. The BAS also consists of the Learning Centre, a small high-tech office that offers personalized services for digital fabrication, in collaboration with the Digital Library, the Departments and the realities of the area, and hosts the Digital Experience Laboratory.

Cultural and Social Events: there are a great deal of conferences held by National and International scholars that are held on a regular bases in the Department of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics (DAIS). The topics range from the environment, to chemistry, biochemistry and protection of local flora and fauna.

Sustainability: DAIS recognizes and studies the importance of reducing environmental impact and the promotion of more responsible lifestyles. Ours, and your, objective will be to spread this awareness amongst the Ca’ Foscari Community.


Period of study abroad: you can deepen your preparation with periods of study in numerous EU and non-EU countries, thanks to the exchange agreements made between Universities all over the world. In fact, you can participate in the Erasmus projects in Europe or in the Overseas projects in non-EU countries. It will also be possible to choose to undertake studies relative to your thesis abroad.

Internships in Italy and abroad: you can undertake stimulating working experiences through internship programmes in institutes agreed upon by the Department or the University. 

English-taught curriculum Global Environmental Change

Last update: 15/05/2024