Academic calendar and exams sessions

Academic calendar

The academic calendar contains:

  • administrative deadlines (enrollment periods, tuition fees payment, request to graduate, etc.);
  • learning deadlines (lesson periods, exam sessions, graduation sessions, etc.);
  • university closures

The calendar, although referring to a single academic year, may also contain some deadlines relating to the previous year (eg. autumn/special graduation session) or successive years (eg. pre-enrollment in limited admission programmes).

Exam sessions scheme

The academic calendar is divided into 2 semesters, which are organised into 2 terms each.
Courses may last one period (5 weeks + 1 for extra/rescheduled lessons) or one semester (15 weeks).

Different exam sessions are scheduled during the academic year and each course includes at least 4 different dates in which the related exam can be taken.
Students are allowed to take all the exam dates included in this calendar, with the exception of the exams concerning the language of the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes of the linguistic area, for which students will be required to choose one of the exam dates available in the the exam session.

The organisation of the exam sessions depends on the course scheduling (that is the semester or term the course will take place) and is described in the chart here below.

To look for the exam schedule go to your Bachelor's or Master's degree website and follow the path Study > Exams.

To register for exams go to the page Exams [ITA]

A.y. 2020/2021

term /
Jan - feb
May - June
31/5-26/6/21 (A)
7/6-3/7/21 (B)
Aug - Sept
23/8-11/9/21 (A)
23/8-4/9/21 (B)
urses held in one term
6 ECTS/CFU courses
1st term 1   1     1 1  
2nd term   1 1     1 1  
3rd term       1   1 1 1
4th term         1 1 1 1
Semester courses (held in two terms)
6 or 12 ECTS/CFU courses
1st semester     2     1 1  
2nd semester           2 (C) 1 1

(A) All except exams of Linguistic Area.
(B) Exams of Linguistic Area.
(C) Only for the May-June session, graduands are obliged to take the exam on the first of the two available exam dates in the same exam session.

Last update: 26/04/2021